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Opinion: Why Trump is Dangerous for Tibet and Tibetans

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US President Donald J. Trump (Photo- AP)
US President Donald J. Trump (Photo- AP)

By Dechen Tsering

On March 10, 2010, I was sworn in as a U.S. citizen. Flush with confidence stemming from the perceived legal protection of American citizenship, I joined the Bay Area Tibetan community in the annual March 10th protest. Tibetans and Tibet-supporters faced the Chinese Consulate building with tight fists held high, shouting, among other slogans: ENOUGH is ENOUGH! – the same demand millions of Americans are making today to call an end to four years of President Donald Trump. 

On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, the United States of America will undergo the most critical presidential election in its modern history.  Never in my 10 years as a U.S. citizen, have I felt that my vote matters more than this year!  Former President Barack Obama summarized Trump’s presidency as resulting in “170,000 [now 205,000] Americans dead, millions of jobs gone, our worst impulses unleashed, our proud reputation around the world badly diminished and our democratic institutions threatened like never before”. Trump’s deliberate mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the U.S. to have the highest COVID-19 deaths in the world and the steepest economic downfall of any developed country. In four years, we have watched the world’s wealthiest and once-most powerful country plummet into a nation that the global world “started to feel sorry for,” wrote Timothy Egan of the New York Times.

I have seensocial media posts where many Tibetans considera vote for Trump is good for Tibet, because they perceive him as being ‘tough on China’. As a Tibetan-American, I can empathize with the feeling that we share the ‘same enemy’, given Trump’s perceived‘tough on China’ stand.  We want China to be held accountable for its human rights violations and repressive policies in Tibet, East Turkistan, and Hong Kong, and its coverup of the coronavirus that spearheaded the current global pandemic. However, your-enemy-is-my-enemy mentality is not to our long-term benefit because Trump has neither said nor done anything concrete for Tibet during his four years in office that is over and beyond what any other president has done. On the contrary, I believe that under Trump, the U.S. is:

  • Pursuing a ‘tough-on-China’ policy that is ineffective for Tibet,
  • Implementing immigration policies that hurt Tibetans’ chances of coming to the U.S.,
  • Isolating itself from our allies and helping China become the leading world power,
  • Becoming a significant violator of human rights and environmental protections, thus, disqualifying it from holding China accountable for its violations in Tibet,
  • Undermining its own democracy and its ability to advocate for freedom for Tibet, and
  • Costing unprecedented numbers of citizens their health, life, and economic stability. 

Let me elaborate on some of the issues that, I believe, impact Tibetans and Tibet the most in this election.

President Trump’s ‘Tough on China’ Policy Is Ineffective and Unhelpful for Tibet

President Trump marched into the trade deal with China alone and failed to rally U.S. allies to leverage his negotiations with China’s President Xi Jinping.  When the deal fell short, Trump imposed trade tariffs (import taxes) on China in early 2020. We hoped that China would see a dramatic decrease in exports. Trump assured us that the10 percent tariff on $300 billions of Chinese imports would end our chronic trade deficits and China’s unfair trade practices,” wrote Philip Gordon, former senior State Department official. In practice what this means is that U.S. companies importing products from China pay an importtax to the U.S. Treasury. These U.S. companies then pass the cost of these tariffs onto their customers by raising the prices of their products that we buy!  In other words, China does not pay the tariffs; we do!  Ultimately, the tariffs hurt America’s consumers, like you and me, more than China.

Trump’s ‘America First’policy and acting unilaterally is backfiring due to its lack of coordination with U.S. allies. Trump’s bullying tactic including tariffs, sanctions, and other economic threats against allies, like the European Union, India, Japan, and Canadais, in fact, aiding China’s increase in exports as former allies are now strengthening their economic ties with China. Gordon reported that Trump not only “weakened alliances in general, but specifically failed to use them to enhance leverage in negotiations with China.” Trump’s withdrawal from international treaties and organizations including the World Health Organization (amidst a pandemic) left a void of global leadership, allowing Xi to expand his sphere of influence in global leadership. Bloomberg reported that China, in fact, wants Trump re-elected because the erosion of America’s alliances would outweigh any damage U.S. tariffs will have on China. With its 1.4 billion population, China is the world’s largest exporter at $2.5 trillion with an economy second only to the U.S.According to Reuters, President Xi’s new “self-reliance initiative” is “looking to reduce China’s reliance on overseas markets and technology for its economic development” and build its domestic market and production. reported that China’s economic growth does not benefit Tibet and Tibetans inside Tibet; rather, it enriches Chinese businesses and workers and exploits Tibet’s rich resources.  Like most Tibetans, I want very much to see a U.S. that is tough on China.Trump’s hawkish talks and trade tariffs on China, while hopeful on the surface, lack strategy and effectiveness.  Instead, Trump is creating divisions that benefit China while substantially damaging America’s leadership role and its credibility.  To be tough on China, the U.S. alone is no longer in a position to make any effective change.  In contrast, a Biden administration could see the U.S. teaming up with allies to curtail Beijing’s widening influence. It is not in the interest of Tibet and Tibetans to elect a U.S. President who aids China’s rise to the global superpower.

Tibetans know what authoritarian looks like.  To the Tibetanleaning towards Trump, I urge you to reflect on Trump’s tendencies toward authoritarian leadership and his admiration for dictators. Trump courted, praised, and congratulated Xi for consolidating his presidential power for life. In fact, Washington Post and multiple sources reported, Trump called for “twelve more years” of his own presidency (U.S. constitution limits the presidency to two consecutive terms of four years each) and tweeted that he might not give up the presidency even if he loses the upcoming election! In an attempt to negotiate a trade deal with China, Trump toned down hisresponse to Beijing’s termination ofHong Kong’s autonomy and massive human rights abuses of peaceful protestors.  New York Times reported Trump was silent on “ideological and behavioral indoctrination” and internment camps aimed at reducing the population, language and culture of 10 million Uighurs in Xinjiang, similar to China’s genocidal policies in Tibet.  Trump’s former National Security Advisor, John Bolton disclosed that in 2019 Trump approved and in fact, encouraged Xi: “Trump said that Xi should go ahead with building the camps, which Trump thought was exactly the right thing to do.”  Trump’s pattern of admiring and flirting with dictators like Chinese President Xi, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong Un is dangerous for the U.S. and by extension, dangerous for Tibet and Tibetans.

President Trump’s Immigration Policies Do Not Serve Tibetans

President Trump’s racist immigration policies offend the dignity and threaten the rights of immigrants and refugees. Majority of Tibetans came to the U.S. as asylum seekers and through family reunification.  Between 1992-2002, approximately 8,650 Tibetans were settled in the U.S. through the family reunification visas. These opportunities, under Trump’s policies are quickly shrinking.Currently, the U.S. is home to approximately 24,000 Tibetans. Trump’s suspension of asylum and reunification visas directly impacts us. Under Trump, asylum policies have become very restrictive, allowing border officials to deny entry, rather than allowing the asylum seeker to enter and seek a decision on his/her case from a judge.  This change would have prevented many Tibetans who, today, are U.S. citizens to make our case to U.S. immigration officials. Currently, under a Trump executive order, U.S. embassies overseas are not accepting any green card applications. The Trump administration is restricting the number of refugees admitted to the U.S. While 45,000 refugees were admitted in 2018, that number shrank to 30,000 in 2019, and 18,000 in 2020. Similarly, Trump banned H-1B visas for the remainder of 2020 and announced his intention to limit student visas to two or four years, depending on the student’s country of origin. Such policies threaten prospects for Tibetans.

Tibet Needs the U.S. to be the Leader of Human Rights and Democracy

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the most ardent supporter of Tibet and Tibetans, said: “As Americans, we must protect human rights both at home and abroad, the right to live freely without the threat of violence or repression, the right to live with dignity and respect. The world needs America to lead. We must work towards a sustainable foreign policy that reflects American values.” On the contrary, president Trump’s playbook for governance in the last four years resembles Xi Jinping’s more than it reflects American values; rife withresurgence in nationalism, a crackdown on human rights, and a disregard for constitutional law. 

Rather than protecting the human rights of all Americans, Trump continues to promote hate in America by pushing white nationalist agenda and exclusionary policies that discriminate on the basis of faith, national origin, and immigration status.  In 2018, the Southern Poverty Law Center recorded the largest number of hate groups (940) in its history, including 50 percent increase in white nationalist groups that promote hate and disinformation.  In the midst of systemic racism and police brutality, Trump appeared eager to stoke racial divisions, by using racist rhetoric such as “kung flu” or “China flu” fueling hostile anti-Asian sentiment.  I was on the receiving end of one such racist hostile incident in March even in progressive Bay Area. Under Trump’s watch, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is also revealing how systemic racism and police brutality impacts minorities in this country, much like in Tibet.  I empathize with the BLM movement because, we, Tibetans, know the suffering caused by state-sanctionedracist policies inflicted by Han-dominated Chinaagainst Tibetans in Tibet. We saw 154 self-immolations by Tibetans desperate to draw attention to the oppression under Xi’s China.Trump’s America stokes white nationalism, racism, and hatred against minorities, rather than promoting human rights, peace, and justice.  It is little wonder, therefore, that Trump’s ‘tough on China’ is weakened by his ability to effectively and credibly advocate for human rights abroad, including in Tibet.

Trump is a Public Health Hazard

Instead of showing leadership and advising personal responsibility to flatten the curve in the U.S. during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Trump called the coronavirus “just a minor problem” that would “disappear like a miracle by April”. As I write this in September, the U.S. has 7.14 million confirmed COVID-19 cases and over 205,000 COVID-19 deaths. These precious human lives were lost as a result of this president’s disregard for science and dismissive of expert advisors.  An article in Health Affairs found that state mask mandates may have prevented more than 230,000 coronavirus infections! Instead of mandating mask wearing and ordering mass production of personal protective equipment (PPEs), Trump politicized the pandemic, calling it a “Democratic hoax”.  What I find most egregious is that we now know from the journalist, Bob Woodward’s recorded interviews, that Trump knew as early as January 2020, how dangerous the coronavirus is and that it is an airborne virus! Yet, he chose to deliberately lie to us about the dangers of the coronavirus for months.  In doing so, Trump intentionally chose to put our lives in danger and continues to do so.When asked by Axios Jonathan Swan, what he thought about 1,000 American lives lost per day due to COVID-19, Trump yet again, shocked us with his heartless response- “It is what it is”. Trump has made numerous shocking statements and the Washington Post identified 20,000 false or misleading claims Trump made during his presidency. 

Rallying to Oppose Trump

Trump is sowing doubt and confusion about the 2020 election, claiming without any evidence, that it will be invalid due to fraud.  His appointed U.S. Postmasterremoved mail sorting machines and post boxes, resulting in a slow-down of mail.  Even as I write this, Trump tweeted threatening to reject the election results, which is a violation of the U.S. constitution and possibly the end of democracy in the U.S. Trump is creating fertile ground for an authoritarian regime, which is not in Tibet’s best interest.

Trump’s reputation among longtime Republicans has suffered.  Over 200 Republicans launched the Lincoln Project to oppose “Trump and Trumpism” and to support the Democratic presidential candidate, former vice president Joe Biden in the 2020 elections. Lincoln Project reported: “The President of the United States must be a leader, have integrity and intelligence, act decisively, practice accountability, and empower others, but perhaps most importantly: our president must be a good person.Trump fails that most basic test.” Fintan O’Toole of the Irish Times captured the sentiment from abroad: “The country Trump promised to make great again has never in its history seemed so pitiful.”

Fortunately, we have a very hopeful alternative to President Trump: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who served as the vice president for eight years in the Obama administration, and his running mate, California Senator, Kamala Harris, the first Asian-American and African-American woman ever to be nominated for the Democratic vice president seat. The values and vision of the Biden-Harris team align with human rights, social justice, respect for the environment, empathy, and basic human decency; values that are essential for rebuilding America’s prestige and credibility around the world and for strengthening our international alliances to keep China in check.

VOTE 2020: Democracy Itself is at Stake.

Our democracy is at stake and we can change that with our right to vote, a hard-fought win for American women in 1920 (women’s suffrage movement) after nearly a century of advocacy. Many before us fought to win this right that we have. Your vote is a powerful tool to strengthen civic society, influence elections and pass local policies that impact millions of lives. Your vote is your voice! Your voice is your power! Every March 10th we march for freedom, liberty and justice in Tibet.  Given the stakes in this election, we may think of our act of voting as voting for the present communities we are living in and for the future of Tibet.

Call-To-Action: Your Vote Matters!

Tibetan-Americans, please participate in the most consequential election in modern U.S. history:

  • To check if you have registered:
  • Register to voteby texting “VOTE” to 30330.
  • VOTE in-person if you can due to the uncertainties in the U.S. postal system.
  • Please VOTE BLUE for the Biden-Harris team – Save Our Democracy!
  • Please VOTE BLUE (Democratic) in all the House Representatives and Senate races.
  • Encourage your friends and family to register and VOTE.
  • Visit the website: to volunteer.
  • Questions or discussions about this

Your Vote Matters! And Here’s Why

In 2016, presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, actually gained 3 million more popular votes than Trump but he won the electoral college votes (yes, an obscure system).  In some precincts, these electoral votes would have gone to candidate Clinton had fewer than 100 people voted differently!

Your vote, your family’s votes, and your friends’ votes can make all the difference to save American democracy and by extension – Tibet’s greatest ally!

(Views expressed are her own)

The author is a social justice activist and has an MA in public health from Tulane University. She lives in
Berkeley, CA U.S. with her partner.

36 Responses

  1. It is foreign policy of US, not a foreign policy of any political party. There won’t be any big difference. I personally don’t care who wins. Only upper half of population of both parties benefit from US election. If you belong to lower half of population, then you shouldn’t really care. Because no mater who wins, you lose.

    If you care about Your community, then you should send your kids to Tibetan schools in India. It will benefit both you and our gov. In India. Tibetans living abroad should help our fellow Tibetans in India. It is time to contribute to you community. Paying just dues for your green books is not enough.

  2. At the height of the polarization of the votes of many Chinese Americans for the benefit of their native PRC, any tendency of any Tibetan Americans to vote in the same direction is quite ironic.
    The narrative, ‘An economically strong China is good for Middle Path’, as claimed by the writer is not only fallacious but also misleading.
    You don’t have to go far to understand how economically strong China is bullying its neighbours including Taiwan. Let alone granting genuine autonomy to Tibet, China is hell bent on bulldozing the international covenant and autonomy of Hong Kong.
    Historically also, strong China has always flexed its muscles to enhance its imperialistic and expansionist policy. Wasn’t Tibet an independent country till 1950 when China was not strong?
    I too am a staunch believer of Umay Lam (Middle Path). I too wish for the good of both Tibet and China but this is American election and a strong American President who can stand up to the CCP is good not just for Umay Lam or Rangzen supporters but also for the whole world.

  3. This is clearly a very biased piece written by a so called “liberal” or a “leftist” person. I was referred by someone to read this before I cast my vote. I was hoping to read a non-partisan article because it was on Phayul site but it was a complete let down. Readers please check the facts before believing all the BS that is put up here. Can’t expect anything different from a writer who is from Bay Area.

  4. A very well researched, argued, and articulated write up by Ms. Dechen Tsering. I fully agree with your view points on what a Trump Presidency means for the Tibetans in general and the Tibetan diaspora in particular. Please don’t worry about the strong words being used by your distractors who do not seem to get the issue deep enough. Obviously all of them have Tibetan interests first and foremost in their hearts when they are rooting for Donald Trump’s re-election to the Presidency. But the why, seems to have only superficial answers. The most prominent being Trump’s tough sounding China hyperbole – the Trumpism which even the majority of Americans don’t take seriously or worse trust. Nowhere in his entire four year term he has exhibited, indicated, implied or incorporated anything for Tibet and Tibetans in his foreign policy. The recent development, however appreciated, came a far too late, so much so that it may only serve as a footnote to the Trump presidency’s Tibet policy narrative, or the lack there of. Juxtaposed this to the Democrat leaders like the late Congressman Tom Lantos, the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Diane Freinsteine and Congressman Jim McGovern who have been a consistent supporter of the Tibetan political struggle against PRC (including awarding HHDL the Congressional Gold Medal) for the most part of their political life. Because they support the Tibetan issue in light of justice and historical facts. Their support comes from their deeply rooted moral ethics and un-compromised principles (the qualities which Mr. Trump blatantly seems to be lacking), not politics. As such Tibetans must support and advocate for the political victory and the governmental power for these leaders, even only judged from our own (smart) selfish interests. Besides, these leaders are never known for hyperbolizing with their core American values. They have stood the test of time.

    May I also add to sum up that the Tibetans, especially those who believe in and advocate for the Umay Lam (Middle Way Policy) should actually rejoice in China’s economic success, rather scorn it. If you think realistically and objectively – China’s economic is going to be the economic of our ‘politically conceded’ future nation from the day China agrees to all the terms and conditions of our exiled government’s Strasbourg Middle Way Proposal. Even presently too China’s economic boom is benefitting the Tibetans in a trickle-down-effect (particularly for those Tibetan regions at the front line with Mainland China) resulting in an improved quality and comfort of Tibetan lives as compared to 80s Deng era Tibet. However, I want to stress here that I am, by no means, justifying the political dimension of the Tibetan issue with China by any level of economic benefits the Tibetans may be reaping from China’s economic success. They are two different issues altogether.

  5. Dechen Tsering la,

    I applaud you for your eloquent, incisive , comprehensive well sourced argument supporting “Why Trump is dangerous for Tibetans and Tibet”. I share the same sentiments though lack the wherewithal to articulate as you did. I sincerely hope your article will encourage all of us to not only vote but to objectively view Trump in his totality and the risks to democracy and human rights with another four years of his rule rather than be swayed by a single issue of ‘tough on China’ stance.

    Trump is a racist narcissistic sociopath devoid of moral compass decency or empathy. He is a wannabe autocrat drawing his inspiration from the likes of Putin, Xi and Kim. He’s not concerned that 215 thousand lives have been lost to covid and that this virus is still rampant, that climate change is a reality, that China is continuing to violate human rights of Tibetans and Uigors, that countless immigrants are suffering, that millions of Americans and businesses are in dire need of stimulus while he prioritizes filling a supreme court vacancy instead addressing the needs of people.

    Trumps only interest is to hold on to his power by whatever means available with lies and misinformations, instilling division and fear about an imaginary socialist take over and most frightening of all giving the green light to his base by his tweets and rhetoric to act on their worst impulses as evidenced by recent events in Michigan.

    Despite his diatribe against China Trump Organization is buying furniture for its hotels and resorts from China From tax returns released so far we find out he has paid only $750.00 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017 and that he owes millions to whom we don’t know!! He claims he is cured of covid by Regeneron without giving credit to the medical professionals who took care of him or mentioning all the other medications he was given. We find out he had stocks in Regeneron. As a Buddhist I might add that he personifies the antithesis of all Buddhist principles. Is this the kind of person we want to support??

    Chunden Dolkar

  6. Dechen la’s insight into Trump Administration is very enlightening. I am proud as Tibetan American to read through and also learn from budding future leaders of Tibetan descendants.
    Trump Administration did not allow UN representatives Niky Haley to meet His Holiness while she was in India. There was also no re- appointment of Special Representative till this week. In the lamb duck session they appointed one, but below the cabinet level. Previous administration not only appointed cabinet level SR, many of the top advisers engaged with exile government. Biden was part of the administration.
    Let’s be knowledgeable & decide with reasons and not to waste Tibetan American golden Votes keeping TIBET in our hearts! We can do it.
    Also Sekhung & Chethu elections VOTE for the best candidates with visions and following His Holiness’s leadership.Do not fall trap of regionalism & sectarianism. Let’s Vote without regret!

  7. Donald Trump saw this virus coming , hence shutting USA down to Chinese early, but maybe he thought USA might be spared the most virulent strain of it. China experimented with COVID late 2018 then used Wuhan as a testing ground for the most effective strains before they unleashed 5 million carriers across the World. Look at the countries least affected, New Zealand, Cambodia, Laos to name but a few. Countries that rely heavily on China and give their total loyalty to Xi Jinping. Now we see USA badly hit along with Europe UK South America. And recently Brussels, the home of the EU parliament. Germany spared with a socialist communist Merkel whose friendship with Jinping and Putin is no secret.. Xi Jinping, on the cusp of the Chinese New Year, the year of the rat, unleashed the final push to cement his China dream. Along with all the Leftist activities that have continued in the free thinking countries and those that would not kowtow. I think he represents the purist form of evil, the antichrist or Satan if one is a Christian, or maybe even the 2nd coming of Allah if one is a radical Islamist, that humanity has ever encountered.
    If Trump can win this election it may be the only chance of pushing back effectively, but he needs Allies to stand with him and not succumb to fear of China. Xi depends on fear, disruption, chaos, as any evil force does to succeed

  8. Nancy Pelosi might not be what she appears to be. Said a lot about support for Tibet, but no tangible action. She has been close to The Dalai Lama and the CTA for years. There were women like her during the Cold War with Russia quietly infiltrating and working for their private socialist, communist beliefs. She has tried to damn Trump on several occasions, only to lose, ie the impeachment. This term of the Republicans, and they are a party not just one man, have done more to contain China which will benefit the entire free speaking and thinking World, than any other. I believe they will pass the vote in the SEnate and declare Tibet an independent country. A moment of truth for Tibet after so many hard years

  9. All major media outlets carry the leftist agenda. CNN, NYT, Washington Times to name a few. So it’s not surprising that people trumpet leftist views.

    Trump with all his faults, stands for law and order and America first. People don’t value law and order until they lose it. All that talk of defund police or remove police is not only non sensical but dangerous.

  10. Sure, for people with no brain they would vote for Trump. Thus, a no brainer? They would be the one that would buy Trump steaks, go to Trump college and invest in Trump casinos and then get trampled on because they would be of no value to Trump. Whatever Biden is, Trump is 100 folds worst. So, there is an actual no-brainer who I’d vote for and that is not for Trump, did not do it in 2016 either. One would think people would learn from their mistakes, but alas… but I guess as someone said “stupid is what stupid does.” Bod Gaylo!

    1. Every successful business personal share the history of failure that includes Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Any person with little bit of brain can figure out why Trumo’s failures are high lighted. I really don’t care much who wins the election Trump vs Biden. End result may be same for America. But as a patriotic Tibetan, I can never forget our enemy that destroyed our people, our land and our culture. Did Trump ever said Tibet is part of China? Obama with Biden did. Trump is the first ever to point finger at China’s face. I believe we could have done more but our leaders could not put their acts together. Bottomline: China want Biden win not Trump. This reason alone must compel Tibetans to vote against Biden.

      1. DT is not a successful business personal but a failed scam artist and a fluke president – due to, in part, an experiment by many fed-up voters. Well, it did not work – DT had almost four years to do some good but the only good he did was for his family and some Republican agenda, like packing the Supreme Court. What did he do for Tibet in past almost four years? Na-da, a big fat lea-go! Listen up, all you nice naïve guys and gals, he doesn’t care a fid about Tibet and if you think he does, you are a bigger “Cook-pa” (or is it Kuck-pa?) than DT. And, oh by the way, did you see how Obama skewered DT in Philadelphia last evening? Get some “edumacation” – vote Biden. BOD GYLO!!!

  11. Tashi Delek everyone,
    I really appreciate Dechen Tsering la for this article of opinions on the coming up vote. I have been living in the US for the past 20 years. And never had seen this kind of civil war we are going through now in 2020. Everything happens for a reason and has cause and effect. One of the reason we are facing this civil war is due to we and they. Lack of understanding oneness of one humanity family. Trump ideology system is that he wants to build America great and mainly financially wealthy, by saving all their US money to their own people. And don’t want to share their money to other countries. That’s why Trump don’t want immigrants coming from outside to the US and changing many rules. There is nothing wrong with that but We Tibetans must understand that, Our Root is Refugee, even who ever might be Tibetan US Citizens. And we Tibetans cant Forget that because our Struggles and faced by many other countries as well now, Mexicans, Africans, and Asians immigrants. Trump also tried to Stop the Funding to Tibet Fund and other Funds that were given to other countries. Many Tibetans in America who are US citizens forget our Roots of Tibet Struggle and our Root of Refugee. Tibetans living in the US – “No matter how far you have reached in Life, Never Ever Forget our Roots of Tibetan Struggle and Tibetan Refugee”…
    VOTE FOR BIDEN….For Human Rights and Help to our Humanity Family Immigrants who are Suffering!!!…..

  12. If Trump is a racist then who is Joe Biden.. I will try to explain and its easily available online:
    1. Joe Biden once called state-mandated school integration “the most racist concept you can come up with.”
    2. He said Barack Obama “the first sort of mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean.”
    3. He was a staunch opponent of “forced busing” in the 1970s, and leading CRUSADER for mass incarceration throughout the 80s and 90s.
    4. He described African-American felons as “predators” too sociopath to rehabilitate and white supremacist senators as his friends.
    5. Joe Biden helped kill the most effective policy for improving black educational attainment that America has ever known. He joined with Jesse Helms of North Carolina in voting to kneecap all federal efforts to integrate schools, anywhere in the country. The 1977 Eagleton-Biden amendment, He voted to bar the Department of Health, Education and Welfare from requiring schools to provide information on racial makeup of their student bodies – thereby making it impossible for the government to withhold federal funds from school districts that refused to integrate.
    6. The NAACP called Biden’s proposal “an anti-black amendment.” The Senate’s sole African-American member, Ed Brooke called it “the greatest symbolic defeat for civil rights since 1964.”
    7. In a 1975 interview recently unearthed by the Washington Post. Joe Biden said “In order for your child with curly black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin to be able to learn anything, he needs to sit next to my blond-haired, blue-eyed son. That’s racist!”
    8. Joe Biden worked tirelessly, over several decades, to make America’s (profoundly racist) criminal-justice system more punitive than any other advanced democracy’s. It is hard to name an infamously unjust feature of America’s criminal-justice system that Joe Biden didn’t help bring about. Mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders, the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine, civil asset forfeiture, and extensive use of the death penalty – the Delaware senator was involved in establishing them all.
    9. If on thinks President Trump’s choice of words are racist then wait till you have seen what Joe Biden has said or characterized. He said and I quote “There is a cadre of young peple, tens of thousands of them, born out of wedlock, without parents, without supervision, without any structure, without any conscience developing because literally… because they literally have not been socialized, they literally have not had an opportunity,” As for the already existing, predators, “they are beyond the pale of many of those people, beyond the pale,” Biden said. “We have no choice but to take them out of society… rehabilitation, when it occurs, we don’t understand it and notice it, and even when we notice it and we know it occurs, we don’t know why. So you cannot make rehabilitation a condition for release.” So who was Biden referring to in this speech, its the black community. He compared them to super-predators.
    10. During the 1980s, Biden helped pass laws reinstating the federal death penalty, abolishing federal parole, increasing penalties for marijuana possession, expanding the use of civil asset forfeiture, and establishing a 100-to-1 sentencing disparity for possession of crack cocaine (used disproportionately by poor nonwhite people) and powder cocaine (used disproportionately by rich white people).
    11. The “1994 Biden Crime Bill.” It expanded the death penalty, creating 60 new death penalty offenses under 41 federal capital statutes. It eliminated education funding for incarcerated students, effectively gutting prison education programs. Despite a wealth of research showing education increases post-release employment, reduces recidivism, and improves outcomes for the formerly incarcerated and their families, this change has not been reversed.

    And the bill created a wave of change toward harsher state sentencing policy. That change was driven by funding incentives: the bill’s $9.7 billion in federal funding for prison construction went only to states that adopted truth-in-sentencing (TIS) laws, which lead to defendants serving far longer prison terms. Within 5 years, 29 states had TIS laws on the books, 24 more than when the bill was signed. New York State received over $216 million by passing such laws. By 2000 the state had added over 12,000 prison beds and incarcerated 28 percent more people than a decade before.

    12. Then there’s Biden’s infamous 2003 eulogy of segregationist Strom Thurmond, the man with whom Biden had worked to shift the US criminal code in a more punitive, unforgiving direction. Today, Biden’s South Carolina eulogy is viewed as an uncomfortable relic of a less enlightened era; in reality, it was unusual even then. Not only was Biden one of only two Democrats to show up to the funeral (the other, Fritz Hollings, had served with Thurmond for thirty-six years in the state), he was one of a mere seven of 225 living former and sitting senators to do so. Thurmond, who had famously filibustered the 1957 Civil Rights Act into oblivion, was a “brave man” whose “lasting impact” was a “gift to us all,” Biden told attendees.

    So please be your own judge and VOTE.

  13. #CCP wants #Biden to win the upcoming US President seat. WHY? Ask yourself before writing all narratives. I want #TRUMP to win again regardless of what he does or doesn’t to us. #TRUMP will fix CCP for the American interest and won’t let CCP to be a superpower. Bottom line. No brainer!

  14. Biden has almost 50 years of record people can look at. Biden is an epitome of being soft on China. Biden is part of making China great right from the beginning. Biden is part of removing millions of American jobs to China. Biden is responsible for making Americans dependent on China. Biden do not see China as a threat, China as a competitors and he do not see China as a “bad folks”. In the contrary he sees rise of China is good for the US and the world. You can look up all of these information on the internet. More recently Biden recognized his soft on China policy does not favor his campaign so he had to contradict himself in some cases. In reality Biden will continue to adopt more conventional approach to diplomacy which is soft on China. Biden policy on China is conducive to continue Chinese aggression around world.

    Trump sees China as a global villain. Trump sees China as a thief who stole American jobs, business secrets and intellectual properties. Trump has punished China over human right abuses. Trump sanctioned Hong Kong Chief Carrie Lam and 10 other officials over Beijing’s declaration of new security law. Trump sanctioned paramilitary group in Xinjiang where authorities have jailed an estimated 1 million or more Uyghur Muslims in detention camps. Trump signed Uyghur human rights bill that aims to punish China. Trump called CORONA VIRUS “China virus”. Trump closed Chinese Consulate in Houston and threatens to close more. Trump want to make America independent from China by bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US. One of the top Trump agenda is “End our reliance on China”.

    Bottomline: Biden is all talk no action and Trump is all action and no nonsense. Tibetan people need to put their acts together to utilize this one time precious opportunity to challenge our ruthless enemy. Responsible Tibetan leaders need to approach Trump and demonstrate that Tibetan people are with him. After this we won’t see another opportunity. All we will hear is talk, talk and talk no actions.

  15. Trump is 74 years old and now he and his wife test positive for the coronavirus, thanks goodness, as per the reports, he seems to be doing well. A bunch of folks at the White House has tested positive too. It’s time to pray for them, especially the President and his family, who despite his age, has been fighting against China since before he took office. Isn’t that enough for Tibet and Tibetans and other minorities struggling under the Chinese regime? Sure, he didn’t meet the Dalai Lama like his predecessors, but what good have done anyways? He is a businessman, and his agenda of Make America Great Again, is taking a bigger picture. We need people like Trump in the office who can fight for us against China. Tibetan Americans, Please vote for Mr Trump. Biden intend of meeting the Dalai Lama once he takes office is just his political tactics to win votes. Watch for shrewd Politicians who apply tactics to play with Tibetan sentiments to keep their seat. They are everywhere. In China, Xi Jinping is President for life. Now, who can fight Xi? Dechen Tsering-backed Biden or Donald J Trump?Trump is the real deal. Isn’t he the guy who wrote The Art of the Deal? Make Trump Great Again! yes we can

  16. US will never give any core considerations to Tibet, either Liberals or Conservatives. Tibetans has to fight for themselves, first fight is to overcome religious BS brain. Second, Correct self eradication of exile race through mix marriage while accusing China of destroying Tibetan race. These are delusional people who does exactly what they accuse China of doing. These liberal animals trying to lecture rest of the people about the righteousness of their view of the world. Actually, liberals are more dangerous if Analysis seriously how politics were played during the past couple of decades despite the public statement of support. Check how liberals misled DL about the idea that as China becomes rich and strong, it would be more open and responsible. This crazy idea that DL expounded everywhere back in the days. Today, you see the effect of such a bad idea and misleading propaganda. Let Trump be Trump and fight China in all domains, which is indirectly helping Tibet. The author is another clueless social justice warrior produced in American campus who impose PC culture onto others and accuse anyone else who disagrees!

  17. Instead of writing a rebuttal to this article I decided I should bring some focus on to the SJW culture. And given that it is clear as day who China wants to see in the white house so that they can go back to business as usual I see no reason for this unnecessary back and forth banter on which candidate would be better for Tibet and for that matter the whole world.
    Now I like advocates for social justice and I have no doubt that Dechen Tseringla la like some others are still fighting the good fight and i understand where she is coming from. But generally the social justice movement today has become very toxic. I find it alarming the way young college/university kids get in the face of people and yell what’s it like to be a woman, a part of working class, a minority etc. etc..and these kids are born privileged or have accessed affirmative action programs and are themselves part of an elite group. The people that they are harassing can be middle or lower class working people from white or any minority group who do not agree with their ideology and tactics or who may be supporters of Trump(blacks, latinos, chinese, tibetans etc).
    This radical social justice ideology is a dangerous religion that is harmful to the believers and all those around them. They are waging a dangerous “Cancel Culture Revolution” as has been witnessed time and again in the last few years. If you don’t toe their line you will be cancelled. There is no room for disagreement, the word is not “justice” It is “totalitarianism”. We have seen it in highly developed form in China under Mao’s cultural revolution.In this warped world of cancel culture, people are forced to walk on eggshells and tread a fine line lest they be “doxed” and their lives destroyed.
    A professor has this to lament- ” Many doctoral students today are tending to fall into one of the two disturbing categories: academic technician or justice warrior.” For justice warriors, every class, colloquium, meeting and paper is an opportunity to virtue signal. What they have in common is a failure to consider the possibility that they might be wrong, to acknowledge that maybe they don’t know enough , maybe their theories are flawed and that their words are themselves tainted by inconsistencies.
    Please, dear fellow Tibetans we don’t need such neo- marxist ideology in our community. The communist chinese mode of education is indoctrination and re-education which we’re seeing taking place in the west. We don’t need this kind of ideology, what we need is the revival of Dharma which has endured for millenia and will forever.There are greater forces of nature and the cosmos governing our human history than simply political powers and virtue signalling.

    1. Thank you for writing this reply someone just posted this in the Buddhist community. Where now all I see is hatred being written all over Facebook and goes against the principle of being a Buddhist practitioner to begin with. Personally as a practitioner and as a supporter of the Tibetans movement for many years, I’m seeing this hatred flying around and it’s really upsetting me. People don’t always know what is really going on
      The media they are not telling the truth most of the time and sides are being played
      I agree with you about this new cancel culture as well. It’s highly disturbing. I’m a bit older. There is a generation that is now shaming people or coercing people into being a certain way. I don’t support it. And I think they will be highly surprised about the detrimental after effects of what could happen if this country goes in swings into a socialist communist rule. Our economy would tank and we are already in trouble.
      There are countries trying to create division in the United States and it’s already happened they’ve succeeded. Now that division is being played out all over the world. And more than one person is to blame.
      I am afraid that if this goes the other direction on the election we’re going to have more problems as you mentioned clearly. Depending on who’s actually sitting in office; could be a VP which depends on the health of both candidates. People need to sit down and really take a hard look at the Candidate’s ability to handle the job. There’s a lot of blame going around and not a lot people taking responsibility. For example, the WHO if we want to get into what’s going on with COVID-19. I was watching since February this unfolding. I personally contacting the White House, CDC and WHO. That was not helpful for anyone in office to make a decision that was educated when relying on the organizations that are hired to do their job which they did not do in my opinion. I watched all the press conference. And everyone’s pointing fingers. They kept delaying calling it a pandemic. In February. I highly suggest for people to look up the press conferences online and I have the links if anybody wants them.
      I have a very dear older Tibetan friend who is very concerned about this election and thinks that if Trump does not win it’s going to be worse for everyone involved.
      I look forward to watching the VP debate tomorrow.

  18. Acquiring American citizenship is far lesser important issue than America as a nation striking against China, and US immigration policies aren’t Tibetan specific than in general. Authors views are pure myopic in nature and self oriented. Republican run government in America has a approach which though may not be in total Tibet oriented but they aren’t irrelevant towards Tibet and they are the one who for the first time in the history of American politics has pushed a motion in congress in recognising Tibet as an independent country.

    For author who in his/her first line of article has stated about his American citizenship dream coming into reality and for whom now Tibet’s independence may seem lesser importance and only a subject of discussion and cliche behavioural attitude now, but for millions of Tibetans inside and outside Tibet believes and are still in anticipation that someday their country will regain its freedom and this republican government has given them a hope unprecedented.


  20. trump is the only president finger point to China what is wrong doing , without hesitation, he is the only one shacked up China and condom dictatorship power, last decades all US presidents are giving more power to China and let’s them do what ever they want to now China is out of control, Tibet needs achieve first step is eliminate one china policy, he will might do it and only hope ,

  21. Dechen la,
    Tashi Delek.
    You can twist the thing whichever way you want, but to silent majority of patriotic Tibetans; this age old political dictum holds as much true to us as to international polity since immemorial.

    “ My enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

    Tibetan-Americans, Recite it like Mani mantras hundred times and visualize Bill Clinton and Most Favored Nation Status to China.

    Now, take a long breath and slowly open your umey-lam blurred vision, – I mean your beautiful eyes. And then VOTE for Donald Trump. If you so want, you can hold your nose when casting your vote.

    This is how intend to vote. My vote is dedicated to Tibetan people inside. They have suffered way too long. Bodhgyalo!

  22. Hi Dechen Tsering Pls don’t bother the election of America. Tibetans know exactly to whom there are voting for. Its democracy. Do your own business and pray for American President. Trump is doing good and fighting against china policy. We need Trump for the world
    Good luck

  23. Well presented! Great insights!
    Hoping that the International Human Rights Organisation (IHRO) can deliver promptly on its pledge to uphold humanity’s dignity and rightful claims!
    God bless in all your endeavours!

  24. Sorry you are not american, you are tibetan, i am really resentful of how many Tibetans that arrived after 1990 keep calling themselves Tibetan-American with pride. You are Tibetan only, we are supposed to go back to Tibet once we regain freedom. Stop being selfish and living your life as an American. Sick, lawo-lawo Tibetans.

  25. It’s perfectly OK to criticize President Trump. I personally cringe every time he puts his foot in his mouth. Just like myself, I suppose President Trump is not perfect either. Nor is he a polished career politician (like Joe Biden, minus the polish)… but to claim that Trump and the Republican Party has done nothing for Tibet and the Tibetan issue is such a shameless lie which can easily be exposed with little research.

    Fellow Tibs need to do their own research rather than listen to me or the propagandist who wrote this garbage hit piece. How many times have I seen Republican statesmen like Mike Pompeo, Sen. Ted Cruz. Rubio, Scott, etc, talking about issues relating to Tibet? Frankly, I have lost count. Conversely, I have never seen or read Joe Biden and Kamala Harris talk about Tibet (forget Tibet, even talk about social policies which they genuinely believe in).

    This cynical article is utilizing the same tired tactics loved by the Cancel Culture lefties… and that is, TRUMPBAD!!. Its high volume, high drama, high emotionalism, low on actual facts. Ironically, all the, so-called, “fact checkers” are lefties with political agendas. How very convenient!

    Biden and Harris are really just empty suits who don’t have any clear, coherent social policies, let alone foreign policies beyond being soft on China, like Obama was. While Obama slept, China built fake islands and militarized them. It was under the Obama/Biden Administration of 8yrs where American jobs were constantly being shipped to China. Though, to be fair, outsourcing jobs was going on before them, under Clinton and Bush. Trump brought jobs back, with incentives. Blaming the CCP virus and the slumping economy (when the whole world economy is slumping) solely on Trump is what is expected from the WOKE Left?

    Trump brought PEACE to the Middle East, stopped American interventionist wars there, yet the pearl clutching lefties, who claims to be against wars, will argue he did nothing great. Meanwhile, Obama wins the Nobel peace prize for being black. The left is morally bankrupt just like the CCP…. wise to Distrust and Verify. They will give lip service to the Rule of Law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Democracy, blah, blah blah…but are faithless to all these ideals that make our free society so great. What they want most is Power. To that end, they will say just about anything. And the lefty globalist Media and Intelligentsia will gladly help them. They are so anti Democracy, they do not acknowledge the sitting President who was fairly elected to office by the majority Will of the People. Classless Biden even called the President a “CLOWN” at the debate, completely disrespecting the Office of the POTUS.

    I see Biden and Harris as just 2 frogs on 2 lily pads in the swamp that is the Washington bubble. They will play the victim, they will claim to be Revolutionaries!! These people lack moral compass, yet their virtue signaling, say anything stratagem works on some level, hence this propaganda article. For them, style wins over substance. They believe saying is more important than doing. The Left would rather walk on water than build bridges.

    Biden is the man who wasn’t there. Beijing Biden has been in politics for half a freaking century and havnt done squat in all that time. Now, all of a sudden, he is the Change?? Gimme a break!! At least lazy Obama got the Cicero tongue, Biden got nothing.

    Then we have this creature with the creepy laugh, out of touch, Kamala Harris (“Asian-American and African-American woman”) who, while pandering to the black voters, says her favorite living rap artist is Tupac, who is clearly dead. Kamala is pro BLM, pro ANTIFA – rioters and looters. And, soooo anti ‘Privileged White Patriarchy’ …..that she literally married one! Married a filthy rich old white man of high social standings: who has a huge conflict of interests; business interests with the CCP organ harvesting regime – just like Hunter Biden. If Kamala Harris is black then I am a burnt toast. Come on, man!

    Trump went against the corrupt WHO which carries water for the CCP. The President shut down flights from China early on. Meanwhile, Biden called him a racist and a xenophobic because of that. While clueless Nancy Pelosi deliberately went to Chinatown to celebrate the Chinese New Years. No Mask!

    The Trump administration is doing nothing on the International stage to bring the democratic nations together against China, is another one of those dismissive and vacuous statements the left loves to fling like monkey flinging shit. Forget such projects as the Quad alliance and a host of other joint international ventures to curb China’s hegemonic ambitions, one has only to follow Sec. of State, Mike Pompeo’s itinerant in the last 4 yrs to appreciate all the hard work being done in this endeavor. Wouldn’t surprise me if Sec. Pompeo has built up enough air miles to travel to Mars and back. While Joe Biden lacks the energy to leave his basement.

    I have respected both parties. Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, have spoken up for Tibet, or at least for HK and Taiwan. Have funded the CTA over the years. However, in a broader scope, the Democrats of today are not the “liberals” of yesteryears..”liberals” in the best sense of the word. Their values have shifted and shrunk so much that they are now becoming intolerant of Free Speech, of Rule of Law. And, if they don’t get their way, they have said many times, they are quite willing to burn it all down.

    Am I being emotional? Maybe I am. If it’s important for you to know, please do the appropriate research.

    A friend send me this list of Bills & measures passed thus far against China under the Trump Administration – made by a Tibetan on Twitter, which is worth noting.
    1.) The United States signed the Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act

    2.) The United States passed the Uighur Human Rights Policy Act- that sought to sanction and punish Chinese officials involved in the Uighur concentration camps

    3.) The United States House of Rep passed the McGovern Bill to hold China Accountable for Human Rights abuses in in Tibet and passed Tibet Human Rights bill.

    4.) The United States Congress passed the Tibet Policy and Support Act. This legislation also established that the succession of Tibetan buddhist leaders, including HHDL be solely left to the Tibetan community, with out interference from the CCP

    5. ) The United States House of Rep, Scott Perry introduced a bill to recognize Tibet as an independent country and is awaiting introduction i the senate.

    6.) The United States revoked Hong Kong’s special status after China passed the National Security Law.

    7.) The United States has has blocked American pensioner’s funds from being invested in China’s bond and equity markets.

    8.) The United States has forced Chinese companies to delist from US stock exchanges

    9.) The United States has incentivized US companies to move plants out of China.

    10.) The United States has banned all members of the Chinese Communist Party form entering the United States.

    11.) The United States sent the highest-level US official to Taiwan in decades.

  26. Dear DechangTsering ,
    a Stop spreading Fake story American Tibetan about President Trump and its time to get serious about PRC thread to USA.
    b. Did you for get Chinese communist cover up this deadly virus and now we all have to face it nearly five months and lost millions of lives.
    C we need to vote for Democratic Joe Bidden party Boston Mayor Marty Walsh who honor and glorify the CCP regime with it flag raising IN front of out government building on the CPRC anniversary.
    D Vice President of United states Mike Pence and Secretary Mick Pompeo speaks loudly in the air about human right and religious freedom in Tibet. Also US will restrict visa for some Chinese official over Tibet
    E. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says he is working to ensure reciprocal access to Tibet.
    Please don’t tell us who to vote.

  27. China will never kindly accept any negotiations from USA about Tibet unless China has no choice. Biden’s policy and will definitely repeat Obama’s policy towards China and which directly shortens Tibet’s life span. Trump is only dangerous for those identity politicians and leftisms. Whole US democrat leaders are influenced by big corps like Hollywood and there is no voice of normal people. Trump stands up China’s aggression but Biden would facilitate China’s aggression just as his boss Obama did for eight years. China is so fro Biden because it can do whatever it wishes under the Democrats and ragged and aged Biden . Biden is dangerous for Tibet’s existence, not Trump. If Trump pose positive outcome for China, why China likes Biden and hates trump ??? Trump always welcomes legal immigrants but leftism’s cherry-picking tactics pant him like Hitler. People openly call trump dictator, by definition, we cannot call him any name from USA soil if he is dictator. If we call him anything we want and we are still fine, that’s means trump is not a dictator. Under the China’s aggression and influences in USA, democracy is at stake. From Hollywood to Harvard, from Biden’s son to NYC police officer, China has been destroying USA’s democracy. Without Trump’s firm stand, China could have took Taiwan, Indian territories, and Nepal. Biden trusts Xi more than Modi, so do the math. Leftism’s media are self-censored, no ability to carry out the journalism principles. So whatever mainstream media outlets say about trump is disguise of China’s and identity politician’s view, which never ever define the real Trump. For leftism Bigots trump is like their prayer and identity politic is their religion. And cherry-picking is their way of practicing their new-found religion. For protecting their dogma they can do anything without sense of intellectual dialogue. Cancel culture is their method to get rid of those who don’t agree with them. So leftism equal to communism and red guards of Mao= cancel culture.

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