Advertisement rate for Phayul is one of the most popular & successful Tibetan website. With daily readers touching over 12,500 and still growing… it is the perfect place to promote/announce your services or products. Advertisement is vital part for running and improving our services.

INR rates are for advertisers from India, Nepal & Bhutan only and Prices qouted below are monthly . All other advertisers must pay in US $.

1- Front Page Pop-up Banner

This space will have banner of only one advertiser. It will popup everytime a person visits our frontpage and will feature on both Desktop and Cellphone devices.

Size: 500px * 400px
INR. 15,000.00 Rupees / USD. 200.00 

2- Top Banner Section

This section will have banners of three advertisers and will feature on the top of front page. Each of these banners will rotate on every page request and will be shown one at a time on all the pages on both Desktop and Cellphone devices.

Size: 800px * 100px
INR 8,000.00 Rupees / USD. 120.00

3- Side Banner Large

This space will have only one banner. It will feature on right side of front page and every page requested on both Desktop and Cellphone devices.

Size: 250px * 600px
INR. 15,000.00 / USD. 200.00

4- Side Banner Small

This section has banners of 10 to 15 advertisers, These advertisement will feature on the right side of the front page just below “Side Banner Large” section ends. These advertisements will only feature on Desktop version.

Size: 250px * 150px
INR. 4500.00 / USD. 65.00