Queens Library shuts down Tibet Propaganda Exhibit after protests

By Choekyi Lhamo DHARAMSHALA, FEB 22: Queens Public Library in Elmhurst, New York, will officially shut down the Tibet Propaganda exhibit on Saturday, Feb 22 (EST). The Queens library was under huge criticism from Tibetan activist groups for exhibiting skewed content about Tibetans in Tibet. After ten days of intensive campaigning and winning the support […]

Nepal’s media condemns China’s intervention in press freedom

By Choekyi Lhamo DHARAMSHALA, FEB 20: Nepal’s media has condemned a statement made by the Chinese embassy regarding an article published in The Kathmandu Post. The statement shared by the Chinese ambassador, Hou Yanqi, on Twitter, was circulated by various other media outlets. It objected to the article with the accompanying illustration of Mao Zedong, […]

Organizations call on Apple to stop enabling China’s censorship and surveillance

By Choekyi Lhamo DHARAMSHALA, FEB 19: A coalition of civil, political, human rights, freedom of expression, corporate accountability, privacy, and digital security organizations, asked Apple in a letter to stop enabling China’s censorship and surveillance. In the letter addressed to Philip Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing in the multi-million dollar company, it has […]

US designates five Chinese media outlets as “foreign missions”

By Tenzin Dharpo DHARAMSHALA, Feb. 19: The States Department of the US has designated five Chinese media outlets as foreign missions of the Chinese government under the Foreign Missions Act, thereby placing them under the same constraints that embassies and diplomatic outposts are subjected to. The media outlets are the U.S. entities of the official […]

Tibetan schools seek exemption from mandatory teaching of Kannada

By Choekyi Lhamo DHARAMSHALA, FEB 18: Tibetan schools situated in Karnataka seek exemption from teaching Kannada as the first or second language which is mandatory for all schools in the state, reports The Hindu. As per the Kannada Language learning Act, it is mandatory for all schools to teach Kannada since it came into effect from […]

Men-Tsee-Khang to stop selling pill that claims to prevent contagious diseases after District CMO’s intervention

By Tenzin Dharpo DHARAMSHALA, Feb. 18: The apex Tibetan traditional medical institution Men-Tsee-Khang, headquartered here will halt the sale of the Rimsung Rilbu, a pill that claims to have medicinal properties to prevent contagious diseases including the ongoing outbreak of CoronaVirus (COVID-19) after the Kangra District Chief Medical Officer’s intervention. The CMO visited Men-Tsee-Khang’s McLoed Ganj […]

Over 850 confirmed cases, 5 deaths due to COVID-19 in occupied Tibet

By Tenzin Dharpo DHARAMSHALA, Feb. 17: The COVID-19 has claimed the lives of five people and has infected over 850 people in various provinces in the region encompassing occupied Tibet till date, according to a website called Gangjong Nyeshon that keeps track of the virus’s toll. The site which updates its data every few hours […]

CTA to hold Global Summit of International Tibetan groups

By Choekyi Lhamo DHARAMSHALA, FEB 17: Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) will hold the Global Summit of International Tibetan Associations and Organisation from Apr 2-4 in Dharamshala under the Five-Fifty (5-50) series of forums. The four themes of the summit: Enhancing International Advocacy for Tibet; Safeguarding Tibetan Culture, Education and Language; Strengthening the Tibetan Associations and […]

China seeking to export its digital autocracy through Huawei, says Pelosi

By Tenzin Dharpo DHARAMSHALA, Feb. 15: China is seeking to expand its digital autocracy beyond its border and into the international arena through the Chinese telecommunications and tech giant Huawei said Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi at a Security Conference in Munich on Friday. The veteran US politician urged nations to […]

Tibetan Nun from Yachen Gar Buddhist Centre commits suicide in Internment Camp

By Choekyi Lhamo DHARAMSHALA, FEB 15: A Tibetan nun expelled from a Buddhist centre in Sichuan province committed suicide in one of the camps due to the hardships of detention, reports Radio Free Asia (RFA). The unidentified nun was among the thousands of Tibetans living at Yachen Gar Buddhist study centre that were evicted from […]