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CTA launches “Household Listing Survey” in India and Nepal, calls for public participation

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(R-L) Additional Secretary Sonam Sangpo (DoE), Secretary Palden Dhondup (DoH), Secretary Chime Tseyang (DoRC), and Joint Secretary Tsering Youdon (DoHe) at the press conference (Photo/

By Tsering Dhundup

DHARAMSHALA, Feb. 3: The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) declared today the commencement of a household listing survey in India and Nepal, urging active participation from the public. The announcement took place during a press conference held at the Lhakpa Tsering Memorial Hall, Department of Information and International Relations.

During the conference, representatives from four departments of the CTA were present, including the Department of Home, Health, Education, and Religion. Secretary of the Department of Home, Palden Dhundup, emphasised the significance of Tibetan people’s participation in the survey, stressing that it would play a crucial role in the planning and execution of future programs.

Secretary Palden highlighted that over the past six decades, the CTA has assisted Tibetan exiles in India and Nepal in establishing hospitals, schools, and settlements. However, he acknowledged the absence of suitable data on these efforts. He explained that having a comprehensive listing of households would contribute to more effective planning and implementation of future programs.

During his address, Secretary Palden expressed concerns about the lack of proper data, leading to the misallocation of funds. He pointed out that, in the absence of accurate information, funds have been utilized on aspects that did not require substantial financial support. Stressing the importance of accurate data, he asserted that it would enable the administration to determine where and how much funding is required for various programs.

He acknowledged the potential reluctance of financially stable Tibetans to participate in the survey, noting that some may believe they are better off independently. Despite this, he urged all Tibetans to actively engage in the program for the overall benefit of the community.

Chemi Tseyang, Secretary of the Department of Religion, echoed the sentiment during the press conference, emphasizing the advantages of having data before planning any program. she pointed out the current practice of gathering settlement data when planning initiatives, a process that consumes considerable time.

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