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Man arrested for attending Kalachakra in Tibet

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Tsebo in an undated photo (Photo/Tibet Times)

By Tenzin Nyidon 

DHARAMSHALA, Sept 19: Tsebo, a Tibetan with a prior background as a Chinese police officer and a former member of the Chinese Communist Party, has reportedly been apprehended by Chinese authorities for attending the Kalachakra teachings, considered one of the foremost religious events, in Eastern Tibet, according to Tibet Times, a Tibetan-language news outlet based in Dharamshala. 

The incident unfolded in Trindu County during Tsebo’s journey to participate in the four-day Kalachakra initiation ceremony, presided over by the seventh Gunthang Rinpoche. Tsebo who is from Churmaleb County in the so called Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, was arrested in the late evening of September 12 while dining at a restaurant in Trindu County with his elderly mother, wife, and child. 

According to the report, Tsebo and his family members were subjected to interrogation by Chinese police, during which they were questioned about their destination and subsequently directed to complete a registration process if they intended to partake in the Kalachakra ceremony. However, they later received notification that their participation in the Kalachakra event was prohibited. 

Tsebo was then approached by an official who emphasised his 32 years of service, which included his tenure as a police officer and his esteemed status as one of the senior Party members. He faced accusations of disregarding regulations and violating the law, which ultimately led to his forceful apprehension and subsequent transfer to the local police station.

Chinese officials have explicitly banned Tibetans who serve in the Communist Party hierarchy including government officials, members of the police and law enforcement agencies form attending any religious events or even paying visits to prominent temples and monasteries over the years, against the threat of losing their jobs and benefits.

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