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Tibetan flag burned, youths harassed at gaming event in Paris by a Chinese group

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One of the Tibetan boy proudly displaying the national flag at the gaming competition in Paris, France on May 21 (Photo/Instagram)

By Tsering Dhundup

DHARAMSHALA May 23: Shocking events unfolded during the Counter Strike: GO World Championship, a video game competition held in Paris on May 21, where two Tibetan youths were subjected to harassment and manhandling for displaying the Tibetan national flag, by a group of eight Chinese youths.

Speaking to Phayul, one of the Tibetan youth, who wished to remain anonymous said that the confrontation began when two Chinese youths, brandishing the Chinese flag, deliberately approached the Tibetan youths and attempted to forcibly remove them from the camera frame. When the Tibetan youths proudly identified themselves as being from Tibet, the Chinese youths questioned the existence of Tibet as a country, and began ridiculing the two Tibetans.

The situation further deteriorated when the Chinese youths reached out to their friends for reinforcement through Wechat, a popular micro-messaging platform widely used in China. During the halftime, a group of eight Chinese youths confronted the two Tibetan youths, speaking in Chinese. They brazenly claimed that the Tibetan youths were not truly Tibetan but rather Chinese, and proceeded to disrespect the Tibetan flag and Tibetan people, using derogatory language.

As tensions escalated, the confrontation turned physical, with the Tibetans caught in a scuffle. In a distressing turn of events, when the Tibetan youths attempted to seek assistance from the security personnel, their calls went unanswered, raising concerns about the adequacy of the security measures in place for the event. The Tibetan youth further revealed that one of the Chinese youths snatched the Tibetan flag. Images later surfaced on Twitter of the same flag being burned.

The Tibetan flag that was snatched from a Tibetan youth was later burned by Chinese group in Paris (Photo/Twitter)

The Tibetan youth told Phayul that the incident serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by Tibetans even in the free world, and China’s transnational aggression, even from Chinese citizens who are brainwashed and fed with propaganda domestically when it comes to Tibet and other occupied regions.

8 Responses

  1. The recent attack on Tenzin brothers in France by Chinese communist thugs is a precursor to the level of the CCP’s attempt to suppress the Tibetan movement in exile. This is called transnational repression! This is not the first time the agents of the CCP attacked peaceful protestors in the free world. In Britain a Hong Kong activist was dragged inside the Chinese consulate and beaten up by thugs including consul-general in Manchester, Zheng Xiyuan. He personally kicked and tore down the Hong Konger’s anti-CCP poster at the consulate gate! We can discern from this brazen attack that the CCP and its agents have now decided to export their lawlessness and denial of free speech even in the alleys, streets and auditoriums of the free world. Tibetans must understand the changed circumstance and prepare themselves for any eventuality. We will not be intimidated by Chinese communist thugs in the free world. We must double our efforts to challenge the fascist regime’s attempt to intimidate us and stand our ground to protest the illegal occupation of our country. The Chinese are by nature cowards! They depend on numbers otherwise they have no guts to pick a fight. Tibetans protestors therefore, must make sure that there is contingency plan if the Chinese thugs attempt to recruit their people to intimidate us by numbers. Every Tibetan must commit themselves to defend our brothers and sisters if the need arises. We must remain non-violent in our approach to Chinese violence and intimidation but never back down from our stand. The security at the venues must be alerted in order to prevent altercations. The western world is aware that the CCP is trying to destroy democracy and they will defend freedom of speech. It is one of their much vaunted fundamental element for true democracies! The British Government summarily deported all those involved in the fracas including the Chinese consul-general!!!
    Tibetans are a warrior race but owing to the influence of Buddhism, the population was pacified. However, after the brutal occupation of our country by communist China, Tibetans have defended our country by military campaigns that inflicted a great number of casualties to the Chinese army. Every generation has to adopt to the prevailing situation. War is now once again being waged by rogue nations like Putin’s Russia and the CCP is also preparing for war. Both of them are age old imperialists. They have no borders! They conquer and subjugate all their neighbours. However, in the process, they are also being diminished! There is suggestion that Russia might experience another revolution like the 1917 Bolshevik revolution! If the CCP unleashes its dogs of war on Taiwan, it is not going to win and will be greatly diminished by the allied forces. This could trigger a similar revolution in China to topple the despised CCP. The prove of this is the recent “white paper” movement which clearly and boldly called for the dictator Xi to resign and the CCP to dissolve! There is a dormant subterranean discontent that is simmering beneath the deceptive normalcy prevailing in China! When the CCP is weakened by its militaristic adventure in Taiwan, there is every likelihood, it will be over thrown. As the Wagner group leader predicted for Russia, first it will be the soldiers who will mutiny and then their families and mothers! Look at Myanmar! The brutality of the regime has spawned a militant youth movement to fight back and it is grinding the regime’s legitimacy. In Thailand, the military dictatorship is frowned upon and people have chosen civilian leaders for the return of democracy. It is not feasible for the Communist regime in China to continue with its fascism! Adolf Hitler tried but failed and the CCP will follow suit! It’s the nature of all beings to be free and not be shackled by tyranny!

  2. Free countries have acknowledge the existence of Police Stations in their cities which are funded by the CCP. These police stations helped to CCP to control the Chinese citizens outside China. Incident in Paris is one such activity of these Police Stations which are growing day by day.
    We have to be more vigil and report their activities to the authorities whenever detected.

  3. These cowards don’t have courage to come one on one. Disrespecting to any national flag is big no.

    1. Orwellian 1984 has been superseded by EVILS of CCP so 2023 Xiellian has been put into effect.
      All free world citizens should protest and castigate inhumane Xiellian practices whenever and wherever possible!

  4. These Communist Chinese are there To steal France high tech stuff. They stole Tibet and now they steal anything that they lack in the revolutionized country

  5. this is outrageous!!! Exactly why Tibetans youths should speak out more on international platforms and work for our just cause. Kudos to the two Tibetan youths for displaying Tibetan Flag.

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