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Suspend ‘meaningless’ human rights dialogue with China: Rights group to EU

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China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi at a meeting with European Council President Charles Michel, 2019 (Photo/HRW)

By Tenzin Nyidon

DHARAMSHALA, Feb. 24: The European Union should suspend its upcoming human rights dialogue with China, given the magnitude of China’s rights abuses, including its potential crimes against humanity in the Xinjiang region despite past dialogues, a press release by Human Rights Watch (HRW) released last week stated.

“The EU’s human rights dialogues with China have become increasingly meaningless because both sides know that Beijing can make no commitment and get away with it,” said Dolkun Isa, World Uyghur Congress. “The EU had gained momentum holding the Chinese government accountable for growing abuses in recent years; it should not dial back by returning to these tick-the-box exercises.” 

A joint letter by ten human rights groups have urged the EU to suspend its ineffective human rights dialogue with China. Instead, the EU should prioritise ‘strong and concrete human rights outcomes’ including Tibet, said International Campaign for Tibet (ICT). The EU should also publicly call for an end to China’s brutal repression in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong and for the release of arbitrary detention of human rights defenders and activists, the letter stated. 

Since 2019, human rights dialogue between the EU and the Chinese government has been suspended due to the EU’s imposition of human rights sanctions against officials involved in human rights abuses in East Turkestan (Xinjiang); and Beijing’s retaliatory sanctions against the European Parliament members. In December 2022, during European Council President Charles Michel’s visit to Beijing, President Xi agreed to resume the EU-China human rights dialogue. The resumption of the dialogue also came days after China’s new Ambassador to the EU called to lift reciprocal sanctions and the swift ratification of a bilateral trade deal. 

“The eagerness to resume these dialogues despite their proven ineffectiveness risks signaling that the EU is ready to sweep aside human rights to secure closer trade ties and cooperation with Beijing,” said Philippe Dam, EU Director at Human Rights Watch.” “Lacking any prospect for concrete progress, the EU should suspend the dialogues and double down on its efforts to secure UN action on China’s abysmal record and pursue accountability for international crimes committed in Xinjiang.” 

6 Responses

  1. Untied Nation is a big joker. Why we always expect support from this deaf organisation. Please stop slogan, ” United Nation we want justice”. China herself is a United Nation and what is a point of asking help from the same body that invaded our land. No hurry to gain independence or resolve anything. Wait for our time to come. Most powerful nation in the world never held power forever. It is totally like a pyramid. One can reach upto the pit but not beyond that because there is nothing above the pit. China is yet to reach there, so it will not fall soon within few years. Tibet remained most powerful nation for about three hundred years before its fall started. So, China is just a baby enjoying and experiencing the taste of becoming a powerful nation. In my opinion, if we look back to the history, our worst enemy is United Kingdom not China. Tibet and Hong Kong are purposely put into the mouth of hungry Tiger and escaped. It is the most untrustworthy nation and enemy of more than 75 % of the world’s sovereign countries. The dirtiest and unforgiveable nation.

  2. Leftwing newspapers such as Guardian and BBC in UK and CNN in US are intentionally flattering Ukranians into fighting by pushing headlines that suggests Ukraine army is winning and russian army is losing. What happens is actually these newspapers are leading blind people to the edge of precipice from where they will fall flat down. The reason these leftwing newspaper carry such story is to just strike at one person’s ego – Vladamir Putin. But Putin is more clever than them, and he knows what’s going on.

    But BBC and CNN never shows dead Ukranian soldiers with their mutilated body rotting on the ground, they only show dead russian soldiers in disgraceful positions. But we all know Russia is winning. When Tibet was occupied by China, just like Russia is doing, BBC showed grotesque pictures of Tibetan soldiers and women and children in mutilated bodies with legs torn apart and faces maimed, and they didn’t care about our dignity. But they never show Ukranian soldiers in such pathetic situation, unlike what they did with dead Tibetan chushigangdruk soldiers. There is an element of sadism in these leftwing journalism. They highlight suffering, but lot of people enjoy watching suffering in Europe, as psychologists know people take voyeuristic joy at seeing pain and suffering from a distance, just like watching rough sex on youporn, where they get thrill and excitement.

    Even if Ukraine and Russia fight for 10 years or 50 years, or 2 months, the result will be same. Russia has more weapons, so russia will win.

  3. we all hate it, but China is the only big country that stayed silient during the russo-ukrainin conflict. India is a better peace-broker logically, but Narendra Modi has already taken the Russian side. America is a good peace-broker, but America has taken Ukraninian side. There is no other country in the world that has the deep cultural intellect and weight left now, except dreaded China. Nigeria is a very powerful country and people very educated, but Russia and Ukraine both are too arrogant to listen to Nigerian intervention because Nigeria doesn’t have infrustructure and medical universities that are international standard. But I welcome Xi Jinping to solve ukraine conflict. maybe he will solve it, you never know. But I think it is better for Xi Jinping to use the same Peace Plan model for Tibet-China conflict. And if i were Xi, i will solve sino-Tibetan conflict first by inviting Dalai Lama to Tibet and give middle way, and prove to the world their credential as a mediator.

    Donald Trump offered to mediate, but unfortunately he lost out to Joe Biden, and Biden wants more war to solve problems of war. Biden keeps giving weapons to Ukraine, which will mean war will last longer and longer, and it is a game of marathon, but lots of people will die. Also war is beneficial to a lot of countries, as there are weapons from 1970s which are expiring in 2023. so there should be a place to use those weapons and train armies in a real battlefield to improve their combat skills.

  4. One thing the free world must know is that we can’t trust a cent the communists. Their only thought is material gain and power with nationalistic feeling and over that an authoritarian leadership which is actually not the communism. Karl Marx would turn in grave if he would know how the so called communists in the world govern their land and people.

    We the Tibetans have learned that we cannot trust the so called communists. They make lots of promises knowingly that they are making an empty promises. It would feel pages if when one would write down what the Chinese Communists have told us since 1950, and they knew and know even now that what they are saying is only to deceive the other.

    Ukraine must get their land back and it must be in the NATO und EU. It is a primitive thinking to make wars and occupy an independent country in this century.

    What the Chinese Communists promise to settle the conflict with peace is a laughter. There will be peace only when the Russians get out of Ukrainian land that they have occupied. The Chinese Communist should stop their support and trade with Russians but that they wouldn’t

    It is actually the duty of the UNO to settle such conflicts. What are they doing if they can’t solve such conflicts in the world. They are earning their living for this job. If they can’t, it is useless and we can spare our money which we pay them from our tax money.

  5. Well, what do you say of Ukraine president Zelenski saying Thank you to China for offering to broker peaceful resolution of the conflict ? Why is EU receptive to Chinese intervention for peace in Europe ? Isn’t this a joke ?

    How can xi Jinping be peacemaker between Russia and Ukraine when China herself cannot solve Tibet conflict ?

    Why German chancellor and french president and others either visited or are planning to visit China to seek solutiona for russia-ukriane conflict?

    There is only one solution to Ukraine – lots of fighter jets to defeat Russia. All other supports such as emotional feel-good features of support without fighter jets is simply flattering Ukrainian people without anything solid like stone. All these western support are fluffy smoke and mirrors with no substance.

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