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Chinese woman suspected of spying on Dalai Lama detained in Bodh Gaya

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The sketch of a Chinese woman named Song Xialon who has been detained on Thursday by the Gaya police in Bihar, India (Photo/ANI)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, Dec. 29: Following an extensive 24-hour manhunt for a suspected Chinese spy, the Bihar police ADG J.S. Gangwar on Thursday confirmed that the accused is under custody and is being interrogated, according to ANI. A security alert was issued by the police in Bodh Gaya for a suspected Chinese spy named Song Xiaolan, along with a sketch.

The Bihar police conducted search at Bodh Gaya, ahead of the first day of teaching by the Dalai Lama, with authorities requesting residents to provide information on her. Various media sources have reported that the suspect was staying in various parts of the country, especially in Gaya, for the last two years as a covert agent; the police also described her as being slim and of having short hair.

The Gaya Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Harpreet Kaur said that they were getting inputs on the Chinese woman for the last two years, “Local police has received inputs about a Chinese woman who has been living in Gaya. We were getting inputs on her for the last two years. In view of this, an alert has been given and searches are underway.”

Local intelligence officials have claimed that she stayed for the maximum time in Bodh Gaya possibly to receive intel on the ongoing teachings and the activities of Dalai Lama. Security was beefed up in the area following a threat, as the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Thursday called it “a security issue” but refused to comment further on it.

“It looks like a security issue; I don’t have any update on it. I certainly don’t think this is the right forum to talk about security-related aspects,” MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said at the weekly briefing. According to Business Today, Song came to India in 2019 before going back to China. She came to India again, left for Nepal for a few days, and then came to Bodh Gaya in Bihar.

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  1. The bulk of the Tibetans have a much improved standard of living today, with better health care, better education, better housing and job opportunities, than they ever had for the past 3 centuries, and will never consider going back to the pre-liberation days when 95% were serfs. Education ensures that Lamaism will go the way of other religions. Like Christianity it would lose its spirituality. Christianity today and has been so for 300 years, exists as a whiteman’s club, to exploit and enslave Asian African and Latin American countries.

    1. vjie if the Chinese never invaded the Tibetans in the 21st century wouldn’t still be living like they were 70 years ago obviously..they would of modernised on their own and didn’t need china to come in kill 1/5 of the population or more (approximately 1.2 million Tibetans killed in the three Tibetan provinces of Amdo,Kham and U-tsang) And the Chinese try to say their wasn’t that many Tibetans but yes , yes their was as they are only talking about the so called TAR (Tibetan autonomous region or proper name as it had been for many centuries U-tsang and tehy didn’t include all teh Tibetans in teh east and north east and other areas of Tibet that died through mass torture, execution , starvation through famine and hunger in prisons etc etc .. many were also tortured and imprisoned ..Almost all monasteries , Temples ,statues, sacred scriptures and huge amounts of other things were destroyed , plundered , stolen , melted down and sold and to almost all Tibetans Buddhism is dear to them. Tibetans still both inside and outside Tibet very very religious and even though china tried Tibetans with inside and outside Tibet are very very devout to the Dalai Lama and not Mao Zedong or xi jinping contrary to what cgtv and global times will tell you. You have been fooled by Chinese propaganda when they were the only ones to colonise Tibet and try destroy culture and kill and rape and imprison people from all backgrounds poor and rich ..95% cant of been serfs when a large percentage were nomads and yes their was different types of nomads (some completely self sufficient and independent especially in the chang tang in northern and west Tibet and some other areas and some nomads did take wealthy peoples animals into animals and no they weren’t slaves ..they were paid with a big percentage of all produce they got from milk, butter, wool and etc which they used to trade and etc and most of the time were free roaming mountains and valleys or in market places or village and that made uo a big percentage then big percent were monks and nuns and also yes their were workers but its far far from the idea of slavery or serfdom like you have been led to believe ..Tibet was no perfect Shangri la but it also was not a hell scape like china says as an excuse to their invasion and genocide and destroying and looting (only after Mao died did they let people rebuild some monasteries and etc and the Chinese have used this to their advantage for mass tourism and they knew this (no the communist atheist Chinese didn’t rebuild because they are kind and wanted to help Tibetan with preserving of culture and religion) No Tibetans wouldn’t return to life 70 years ago and no His holiness wouldn’t rule if return and he doesn’t want to..You are using ridiculous Chinese propaganda to try and justify a truly terrible thing that you have fell for sadly. His holiness was very young when he lefty Tibet (no not as a traitor leaving his people bt as someone that Tibetan loved and still love and someone that had to leave as his liberty and life was at risk) And no he isn’t a cia agent ..Yes the cia helped as they have done for many things and as the Tibetans had very little help they took it as they asked many countries including the usa and yes the cia helped the Tibetans to get at the Chinese communist but as I said the Tibetans would take any help given (the Americans even helped with the Khampa Tibetan guerrillas right up into the 70s and then that stopped when Nixon made closer contact with Mao Zedong and china so they pretty much betrayed the Tibetans which of course many Tibetans were not happy about. You have been fed many lies by a horrible dictatorship and you have audacity to talk about your woke Whiteman club talk which doesn’t justify china invading Tibet in any way , shape or form ..and no Tibet wasn’t always part of china and actually wasn’t really ever part of actual china which we can debate and they had absolutely no real claim over Tibet as wee all know. After Mao died they sent Tibetan missions to Tibet to see how much progress had been made in the 30 years in exile and were totally shocked in what they seen. Their are videos and photos of many many thousand of Tibetans in Lhasa and also other areas finding out that Tibetans sent by The Dalai Lama were their and thronged them crying and in total agony from what had happened to them took the Chinese totally off guard Lhasa tens of thousand gathered and they were calling for return of His holiness and talking about the last 30 years of torture , cultural erosion .rape,murder ,destruction etc which had effected them much much more then conditions in old Tibet by far have been led down a propaganda road by a communist dictatorship and you come on to a Tibetan website to spelt ur bs thats e have all heard a million times ..the same repeated lines of no or little Substance. But also I do understand that yes old Tibet had many problems also and many Tibetans (including quite a few wealthy ones including His holiness) wanted reforms and changes and that is well documented. His holiness both 13th and 14th wanted changes and I can assure you Tibet wouldn’t still be like 70 years ago now as that is beyond ridiculous. And now they have no freedom of speech and no right to say and do what they want and are still imprisoned and tortured and treated for the most part as 2nd class citizens. They just as the Whiteman club yu mention from your marxist 101 university lesson is the same with the chinaman coliniser club ..and no you cant compare usa and other countries colonised as firstly people in usa and the west unlike Tibetans and Uyghurs etc are not in the 21st century still stopped from protest and still stopped from following their identity the way they want and arent in the 21st century tortured in mass and imprisoned , raped and killed. If china still ruled Tibet and Uyghur but they treated them with respect then maybe Tibetan and Uyghurs would even accept or at least not actively try and oppose Chinese occupation. Im sure you talk about Kashmir and Gaza but not Tibetans and Uyghurs etc as it doesn’t suit your simple narrative ,,,educate yourself bud..

  2. Communist China is one of the most notorious data collector and espionage runner in the world. They have recruited Chinese international students, Chinese professors, scientists, academics and ordinary Chinese origin people across the world to do their dirty work! We know many ABCs (American Born Chinese) have returned to China to help with their expertise that they acquired in America and other western countries. Many Chinese origin people living in the west have helped China to spy, steal and give intelligence information to their “motherland”! The CCP hires foreigners such as Singaporean, Malay and Indonesian Chinese and western useful idiots to spy for them. One of the most notorious Chinese tactic is using honey trap by using beautiful women who latch on to powerful people in sexual dalliances and then extort information by black mailing them. This is one of their key tactics to extract information from unsuspecting sex hungry politicians, businessmen, scientists and academics.
    I attended the 1985 Kalachakra at Bodh Gaya by the Dalai Lama. We travelled by bus from Kathmandu via Sonauli to Bodh Gaya. It takes about two nights and two days to arrive at Bodh Gaya. There were hundreds of Tibetans coming from Tibet since it was the era of Deng’s more liberal policy on Tibet. Some four thousand Tibetans from Tibet arrived at Bodh Gaya that year, perhaps the biggest number ever. The bus was packed with Tibetans from Tibet except a few like myself. As the journey was long, I met a fellow traveller from Tibet even though he was born in India. During the long journey, we had long chats on different topics. He told me that he taught English in Lhasa for three years. He also told me he was working for RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) which is the foreign espionage wing of the Indian Government. He found that Tibetans who visited Dharamsala were interrogated by Desung Lhekung, the Tibetan Government intelligence service. When the Tibetan returned to Tibet, they were again interrogated by the Chinese intelligence service. According to the Tibetan teacher cum RAW intelligence officer, the Chinese asked the returning Tibetans, “you went to the office of Exile intelligence service and you were interrogated for half an hour, what were they asking you etc?” He said, “Dharamsala was infiltrated by Chinese spies! The Chinese even knew how long they remained in the Desung office”!!! In a span of thirty seven years, a lot would have changed and the situation of Chinese infiltration in Dharamsala would have increased by leaps and bounds!
    The Dalai Lams is a thorn in the flesh of the CCP. They want to demoralise the Tibet Movement by as Deng put it; “crush the head to kill a snake”, this is the Chinese plan. I have seen supposedly devoted Chinese woman throwing themselves in-front of the Dalai Lama in an apparent show of devotion! We have also seen a Chinese women attack an exhibition organised Gu Chu Dum (ex-prisoner Organisation) in Dharamsala depicting Chinese atrocities in Tibet. She was armed with a scissor to chop up the photos! The then leader of Gu Chu sum, Lha Gyari Namgyal Dolkar had to wrestle with the Chinese woman single handedly to stop the destruction of the precious posters, since no other Tibetan dared to challenge or even touch the Chinese woman!!!!!
    The CCP is taking full advantage of the friendly attitude of Tibetans towards the Chinese to infiltrate and successfully carry out their mission under the unsuspecting nose of the Tibetans who are told that we should befriend the Chinese and not regard them as enemies!!! This attitude is exploited by the CCP by sending Chinese spies in the guise of Buddhist nuns to infiltrate the monasteries to collect information and find out the level of support for the CTA, the conditions of living, community harmony and frictions and divisions among the Tibetan community that can be exploited in order to disrupt the Tibet Movement. The CCP has made three attempts to harm the Dalai Lama by hiding bombs in Bodh Gaya during a sermon conducted by the Dalai Lama. It was allegedly planted by a hired foreign terror group. It’s the naive Tibetans who have loosened their guard by looking at the enemy as a “friend” through sheer stupidity but the CCP has never dented its hatred of the “Dalai clique” as they call the exiles! In this battle of attrition, knowing the enemy is extremely important. Sun Tzu and Mao have emphasised the need to know your enemy!

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