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Protests flare up across China as public call for Xi to step down

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Police officials block Urumqi street during protests in Shanghai (Photo/AFP)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, Nov. 29: The unprecedented weekend of protests across China has caught the attention of mainstream media coverage as China watchers are closely linking the protests with Xi Jinping’s disapproval rates in the country. The wave of protests first started in Shanghai, after an apartment fire in the city of Urumqi killed 10 people. Many have speculated that Covid curbs had hindered the escape of the residents.

Several Chinese cities and dozens of university campuses have demonstrated against the stringent measures during the three years of pandemic. “What we object to is these restrictions on people’s rights in the name of virus prevention, and the restrictions on individual freedom and people’s livelihoods,” said a college student named Sun in Shanghai. Since the unprecedented third term as the Premier of the People’s Republic of China, Xi has faced mass dissent across the country.  

The Chinese government spokesperson Zhao Lijian in response to the agitation said, “What you mentioned does not reflect what actually happened. We believe that with the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and cooperation and support of the Chinese people, our fight against COVID-19 will be successful.”

The backlash against the restrictions has not deterred the leadership from their faith in Zero-Covid policy to eradicate the coronavirus, which first originated in Wuhan. In Beijing, large crowds of people gathered Sunday midnight on a ring road in the city to hold blank pieces of paper as a symbol of protest and solidarity. During the central Shanghai protest, many were seen raising anti-Xi slogans.

In another viral footage, the Chinese police are seen assaulting one of BBC’s journalists, covering the protest in Shanghai and reportedly detained him for several hours. “It is worrying that one of our journalists was attacked in this way whilst carrying out his duties. We have had no official explanation or apology from the Chinese authorities, beyond a claim by the officials who later released him that they had arrested him for his own good in case he caught Covid from the crowd. We do not consider this a credible explanation,” the British broadcaster’s statement read. A Reuters’ journalist was also reportedly detained for about 90 minutes on Sunday night, before being released.

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  1. CCP!”

    These are the thundering voices of the people of China during this week of tumultous upheaval in communist China! The massive demonstrations across thirteen major cities and thirty universities across China has been sparked by stringent covet lockdowns by dictator for life Xi Jinping and his criminal entity called the CCP. The innocent people of China have been in lock down for the last three years! The lockdowns are no ordinary lock downs! Millions of people are cordoned off with barbed wires, fences and barricaded with millions of people confined to their homes by locking the doors from outside or worse, their doors wielded!!! The Chinese people have been herded like animals with no food in one of the most affluent cities of the world that is Shanghai! People are screaming from their windows “we are dying of starvation. please give us food”!!! Such pitiful cries are also made from occupied Tibet with Tibetans pleading either to feed them or let them return to their homes. In occupied Tibet and China, if there is a single person who is infected, the whole area with hundreds of thousands or millions are locked away or taken away for quarantine where there is no food, no bedding, no sanitation and no care for the people! Hundreds of people are herded together so the virus spreads instead of preventing it. There was a case where the bus taking people for quarantine overturned and killed 27 innocent people and injured another 20 people which stoked anger and despair among the netizens. The CCP officials treated people with total disregard and even children as young as two year old were not spared and separated from their parents! One can see the little child unwilling to part with the mother while he is kept with white clad people who are no medics but PLA soldiers who are seen viciously kicking and beating innocent people who resist or say something out of sheer frustration. These white clad people are there in the guise of medics but in reality they are PLA thugs to suppress the people. Medics are trained to help and protect people in distress and not beat them by kicking their heads and body even when they are writhing with pain on the ground! Surely, such vicious and violent treatment of its own people is not what medics are for in any other part of the world. However, in communist China, even the medics are trained to kill their patients it seems.

    University students across China are protesting the draconian lockdowns like the rest of the population and are most vociferous in calling for the odorous dictator Xi to resign and an end to the vile CCP rule in China. The insane zero covet lockdown in communist China has the Chinese people on edge and the long held fear of the violence by the CCP has atleast for the moment became a thing of the past and thousands came to vent their frustration against the dictator and his tool of tyranny the CCP communist caliphat! Chinese netizens were aghast when they saw the world cup being played in Qatar where the whole world is enjoying normal life and thousands upon thousands of spectators and players are going about without mask! Life looked totally normal while in China the CCP brainwashed the population of dire consequences of covet spread if they were not locked up! Most of them believed until they saw the broadcast of the world cup in Qatar! When they saw how freely life was being lived in other countries, they discovered the deception of the CCP and felt let down by the evil regime. While the free world was enjoying the freedom of having overcome the deadly virus by vaccinating their population especially the elderly and vulnerable section of the people with third booster shots, the CCP has failed its people by not using the powerful RNA (mRNA) vaccine which helps the body cells produce the coronavirus’ specific spike protein which the system cells then recognize the spike protein as a threat and begin building an immune response against it. The CCP never bought these powerful vaccines for its population while it could not produce its own. It produced Sinovac which has only 70% efficacy while Pfizer and Moderna are said to have 90% efficacy rate. Today, despite its braggedicio of having dealt with covet in its propaganda channels a year ago, communist China is still stuck in the rut with covet-19 while the free world has overcome it with better vaccine technology and higher efficacy.

    The catalyst for the dramatic upsurge of citizen discontent was the deadly fire in East Turkistan that killed 44 people according to outside sources while the CCP claimed only 10 people died. The deadly fire in a residential area was a tragedy waiting to happen anywhere in China to the insidious manner the CCP locked its citizens! East Turkistan was under lockdown for 100 days! When the fire broke out, the people inside the house are screaming their lungs out to open the doors! A mother was wailing, “please open the door, my children are dying, we cant breath”! There was no one to save them! Even the fire trucks took three long hours to arrive at the burning inferno. As if this was not bad enough, it took them ages to get to the building since, the building was barricaded and they could not get in. The cars that were parked near the building could not be moved because their batteries had become flat after so many days of disuse! The ordinary Chinese people knew this danger in their own experience after they were themselves locked up in the same way. They sympathized with the victims of Urumchi, the capital of East Turkistan and people lighted candles for the fire victims in far away East Turkistan. Soon, hundreds gathered and thus began the unprecedented disquiet of the Chinese people against the dictatorial regime of Xi Jinping and his criminal syndicate. Ever since the Tiananmen square massacre of 1989, there has been no popular revolt against the CCP in China. Tibetans rose in revolt in 2008 which was ruthlessly put down. Even the student demonstration of 1989 never called for the ouster of the leaders or an end to the hated CCP regime. The present revolt is the most portent expression of the Chinese people’s disgust and disenchantment of the ruthless CCP and its insanity of controlling the Chinese people. This doesn’t portend well for the evil CCP. The Soviet Union collapsed after 70 years and dissolved in 1991. Perhaps, the life span of the CCP may also have run out after more than seventy years. No one should be under any illusion how the CCP will try to cling onto power by using its well oiled tactic of repression, mass murder and insane tyranny but in the end, all of that will not be enough to save the regime. This is the fate of all dictatorial regimes from Stalin, Saddam, Gaddafi, Idi Amin and Nikolai Ceausescu of Rumania. The buckle to oust the hated CCP regime has been sounded and it is now like a festering wound in the minds of the Chinese people, Tibetans, Ughurs, Hong Kongers and Mongolians. It may take some time but the seeds of discontent against the regime has been sown and it will germinate until it will be a full blown revolt that will see the end of a killer regime that the world has ever seen!

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