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Activists in London show solidarity to Beijing’s “Bridge man”

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Free Tibet activists hung a banner on the Westminster bridge, London in solidarity with the lone protestor in Beijing (Photo/Free Tibet)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, Sept. 21: The London-based Free Tibet activists on Thursday hung a banner identical to the one at the Sitong bridge in Beijing that was hung by an unidentified protester on October 13. The group held a demonstration calling for an end to the Chinese government’s restrictive Covid-19 measures in solidarity with the Chinese protestor who was reportedly detained by the authorities following the protest, and whose whereabouts are currently unknown, according to the rights group.

The banner hung from the Westminster bridge in London read the same as the original banner in Beijing that protested against the authoritarian Chinese rule, “We want food, not PCR tests. We want reform, not a Cultural Revolution. We want a vote, not a leader. We want freedom, not lockdowns. We want respect, not lies.  We want to be citizens, not slaves.”

This banner protest follows the assault of a Hong Kong pro-democracy protester who was beaten at the Chinese consulate in Manchester city on Sunday, leading to the British foreign secretary summoning officials from the embassy to explain the alleged assault.

Activist Tenzin Kunga on the Westminster Bridge said in the press release, As a Tibetan, I can feel the frustration of that lone protester because Xi Jinping’s zero-covid is taking a huge toll on the lives of my Tibetan brothers and sisters inside occupied Tibet, as well as making life miserable for the Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in East Turkestan, while dismantling all freedoms in Hong Kong.”

Two banners were hung on Sitong bridge in Haidian district in Beijing on October 13, ahead of the 20th Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. Thick smoke can be seen at the site of the protest in the images although the cause of that smoke is unknown at the moment. One man was reportedly heard chanting slogans at the same spot.

One Response

  1. Communist China is a fascist and terrorist State according to the definition espoused by noted American leftist intellectual Noam Chomsky. A State which “seeks to create a national identity that eliminates differences, uniting all sectors of the population under the rubric and patronage of the State” is a fascists State! Likewise, a State “which uses coercive means aimed at civilian population in an effort to achieve political, religious or other aims” is a terrorist State! Today, the PRC is as dangerous and as malignant as Nazi Germany of Adolf Hitler. It aims in military superiority over all others to bully and conquer and occupy other countries. Tibet fell the first victim with the world looking the other way, being unable to fathom the sinister nature of the Chinese communists in the early 1950s. Another mass murderer, Stalin was instrumental in arming the Chinese communists to create a communist Chinese State. After 70 years, the two evil empires are once again plotting to endanger the free world with their megalomaniac passion. While Putin’s Russian has invaded sovereign Ukraine, communist China invaded Tibet with the same pretext and occupied it in 1949-50.
    War monger Putin is now stuck in a quagmire in Ukraine and despite the loss of some 60,000 Russian troops, he is in no mood to call it quits. On the other hand, the communist Chinese war monger Xi has just acquired a third term ostensibly to save the corrupt Communist Party and make an attempt to invade and occupy Taiwan. Like Tibet, Taiwan is an independent nation and recognised as such by more and more countries. This infuriates the Chinese dictator to no end. As is the state craft of the CCP, it fumes and makes sound and fury to cower the Taiwanese people and Government. Unlike luckless Tibet, Taiwan is no push over and it has many friends in the democratic world. So, the CCP is in a bind! It wants to take it an occupy it but this is going to be a costly exercise not only because of the resistance Taiwan will put up but the international assistance that Taiwan will generate in the aftermath of a Chinese attack.
    Therefore, the CCP is playing the game of threat and intimidation. It’s building the army to threaten Taiwan and by showing off its power, it hopes Taiwan will come around for talks! If that happens, they will use very sweet tongue to lure the Taiwanese to their trap like they did to Tibet during the talks on the so called “Seventeen point treaty” of 1951. During the talks, they will also use the built up military to threaten Taiwan by telling them, either you sign on the dotted line or we will take military action! This is what happened to Tibet when the Chamdo garrison fell to the PLA and Ngapo Ngawang Jigme was withdrawn and replaced.
    Dictator Xi has appointed 72 year old, General Zhang Youxia as the Vice-Chair of Central Military Commission. He is well past official retirement age but he is not only a Xi loyalist but is a “sworn brother”. Zhang’s father General Zhang Zongxun was the PLA’s head of logistics in the 1970s. Three decades earlier, in 1947, he was commander of the PLA in Northwest Army Corps when Xi’s father, Xi Zhongxun was its political commissar. That is why Xi and Zhang have a special affinity to each other and call themselves “sworn brothers”.
    The CCP will built its military might to bolster its ability to occupy Taiwan and challenge the US in the aftermath of a war. It knows fully well that it will have to challenge not only the Taiwanese military which has 188,000 military personnel and 2.3 million reservists to match Communist China’s 2 million strong PLA but the US and its allies like Japan, Australia and even South Korea in a conflict of it’s making. Whether the US will send its troops or not is an open question but if it does, the US allies will join US forces to fight the Chinese Communist troops. The Chinese communists know, it’s not going to be a walk over like they did with Tibet. This has the potential to lead to Third World War. If America is attacked by China in the event of American intervention in Taiwan, NATO is obliged to come to defend the US by its NATO Treaty obligation. Therefore the Chinese militarist CCP will have to think hard before they burn their boats. America may not be willing to intervene militarily in the Taiwan strait but the reality is, America can’t afford to lose Taiwan to communist China either. Such a development would sound the death knell to American Pivot to Asia and all of its influence in Asia will be diminished to the point of no return. Therefore, much as it wants to avoid a collision with communist China as it did with Russia because both are nuclear armed, it will be forced by the exigency of vital national interest and security of America.
    The extension of third term to Xi is a dark era for the people of China, Tibet and other occupied territories. Dictator Xi is a megalomaniac abroad and a ruthless tyrant at home. Suppression of human rights, religious freedom and freedom of speech are the worst under his watch. The people of Tibet and China are suffering under the mindless lockdowns where ordinary people are made to suffer by constantly testing for Covid and taken from their homes to be dumped in places where there is no place to sleep, no beds, no food and no medicine! Parents and children are seperated. Little children are taken away from their parents and dumped in places where there is nobody to look after them. Some parents therefore deliberately infect themselves in order to be with their children owing to the callousness of the authorities. Recently, a Chinese teenage girl died without any help or medicine from the authorities! Insanity has gripped the regime. Entire cities of 21 million are locked down and people’s doors are wielded!!! They can’t leave their flats even when an earthquake struck! Just imagine, if fire breaks out or if some one from the families falls ill, they will have no one to help them! The authorities go to such ridiculous lengths as testing fish, food products and even construction materials in the name of Zero covet sloganeering!
    The CCP’s penchant for mass control has few parallels in history. Today, it controls peoples lives through surveillance technology rolled out throughout the country to suppress covet. It tracks citizen’s movements and are widely used to suppress protests. A case in point is the protests that erupted in the aftermath of banks losing people’s savings. Since the authorities have full control of the citizens through AI surveillance, the CCP authorities prevented protests by switching their phone’s red to demonstrate they are supposedly infected and then preventing them from going out to protest. People were enraged when their green covet free signals went red for no reason! Communist China today is truly a hellhole under dictator Xi. The people of Tibet and China feel hopeless to resist because the CCP uses draconian laws to suppress them by jailing them years like the recent Tibetan business man, intellectuals, school teachers, political activists, monks and environmentalists who were accused of “endangering state security”. This is a euphemism for opposing the CCP. Opposing or questioning the CCP’s dictates is the greatest crime under the evil CCP. Owing to such draconian laws, Tibetans and Chinese people are reduced to be slaves of the CCP. Personal survival depend on compliance and if one wants to be alive, one has to be servile to the communist party!!! This goes to show why some 160 Tibetans have torched themselves. There is no life if you resist the CCP so you might as well set yourself alight is the common bereavement of the Tibetan people under brutal Chinese occupation.

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