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Tibetan man from Dartsedo dies in Chinese custody

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Photo of Ngodup Tsering on the right (Photo/Tibet Times)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, Oct 2: A Tibetan man named Ngodup Tsering has reportedly died after Chinese authorities arrested him on Sept. 28 for allegedly visiting and providing food and edibles to an old age home in Dartsedo County in the so-called Sichuan province. A source told Tibet Times that the Chinese police reportedly beat the man so severely at the local police station that resulted in his death the following day. In a most bizarre allegation, the police saw Ngodup’s visit to the elderly home as an insult to the Chinese government officials responsible for taking care of the elderly.

The police reportedly derided the accused of undermining the help of the officials by “providing food and other necessities to the elders” and said that he is an “outsider”. The authorities further tortured him for exhibiting “improper facial expressions” and later making him so weak that he was unable to stand, as per the report. Ngodup died at the police station the following morning. The deceased drove a taxi for a living to support his family which includes his 78-year-old mother Lhakyi, his wife Yutso and two children. There is also no information as to whether Ngodup’s body has been handed over to the family following his death in custody.

In the month of August, another man named Chugdar in Serthar County was killed whilst detained at a police station, reportedly due to excessive beating during a torture session by policemen. A group of five had been detained by the authorities in connection with organizing religious activities; Chugdar, Gelo, Tsedo, Bhamo and Kori from Khakor Township in Kardze Tibet Autonomous Prefecture.

The family of Chugdar, 52, was informed by the police that he had died in detention two days after the arrest. The source, who chose to remain anonymous, told Tibet Watch that he did not have any pre-existing illnesses which could have caused such an immediate death.

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  1. The Chinese communist regime is truly a rogue regime. It’s propensity for violence is spine chilling! It kills its citizens brutally and it has mobile execution squads all across the country. It kills its citizens in total secrecy in order to hide its crime. The number of annual executions are a state secret! Anyone, reporting would incur years of imprisonment. It harvests organ from its unfortunate prison inmates and sells them to rich Arab countries. The organs are harvested even before the death of the unfortunate soul. In the good old days when the west was able to dictate China, the CCP was more careful in dealing with its criminal abuse of Tibetans and other occupied peoples. However, as it becomes more powerful, it’s ever more belligerent and now not only it has no respect for human rights, it’s altering the very notion of human rights in its own interpretation. It doesn’t believe in universal human rights as a innate right accrued automatically by every human being as has been proclaimed by the UN Charter but totalitarian China limits the right to basic human needs such as food, water, health and shelter! No individual freedom because in the totalitarian system, the interest of the state is above the interest of populace. The citizens of such a state are just a tool for the state apparatus and therefore they have no entitlements other than bestowed by the state. In other words, the population is slaves of the state! They use the name of the people without ever respecting the rights of the people! The People’s Republic OF China is a misnomer! It’s not PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA but it’s the REPUBLIC OF THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY! In this Republic, human beings are ONLY numbers- they exist only in numbers. Whenever, the CCP wants to use them, it will use the number to back up its pompous claims. For example, when it comes to talking about the destiny of Tibet and Taiwan, the CCP cunningly uses words like “1.4 billion Chinese will decide” etc Thats how the CCP peddles it’s power in order to drive home their argument but in reality, the 1.4 billion Chinese have NO SAY whatever in deciding their own fate let alone the future of Tibet! THE FUTURE OF TIBET WILL BE DECIDED BY THE TIBETAN PEOPLE AND NOBODY ELSE!
    It uses only violence to settle scores with neighbors and occupied territories like Tibet, East Turkistan and Hong Kong. Mao’s claim that power flows from the barrel of the gun is the trade mark of the CCP! Within their own country, the Tiananmen massacre would rank as one of the most horrific mass murder of its own netizens in the world! . According to a secret British diplomat cable written little more than 24 hours after the terrible event, ten thousand Chinese students were massacred on June 4th 1989. Its a truly murderous regime but it never accepts the truth and instead lies through its teeth. Recently, the out going UN Human Rights commissioner Michelle Bachelet released a damning report on East Turkistan which laid bare the CCP’s gruesome abuses and concludes they amount to Crimes against Humanity! The report accused Communist China of blatant disregard for human rights by discriminatory policies towards ethnic minorities through arbitrary arrests and detentions, rape, torture and enforced disappearances. But the CCP denied it and claimed it was a “fabrication”!!! Tibet has fallen victim to the inhuman regime the world has known and is going through a night mare of a murderous rogue regime’s depraved ways. It’s truly hell on earth under the colonial yoke of the CCP. Perhaps, those five Tibetans who died in Lhasa on the 23,24 and 25th of September might have killed themselves to highlight the pitiful plight of Tibetans before the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party on 16th of October!
    From the treatment that has been metted to Tibetans for the last seven decades of occupation and the attempt to erase our culture, language, Buddhism and identity, it should be clear to every Tibetan that being in association with communist China spells doom for the Tibetans as a distinct race with a unique culture and language. Such an amalgamation is a death kneel for Tibet. It is akin to a sheep living with a wolf! Therefore, it’s time, Tibet should fight for complete independence. Our leaders have constantly discouraged such a stand saying it’s impossible! How sad that our leaders have such low esteem of ourselves. The fact of the matter is, Tibet is important to India too. The Indians have now at long last come to realize Tibet’s geopolitical strategic importance to India’s national security. During the last seventy odd years, the Indians have been saying the Hindi-China Bhai Bhai mantra but now it has turned sour. That mantra has died a slow death and the Indian leader’s have realized the perfidy of the CCP. They have two deadly enemies in China and Pakistan who call themselves “iron brothers” and are working together to contain India. India would naturally prefer to have no enemies if possible and if not at least less enemies. The only option therefore is an independent Tibet as it was before the forcible occupation of Tibet by China. India may not say it as in many words but they want the buffer that was Tibet reinstated between India and China for their national security. They realize that the chickens have come home to roost for the Himalayan blunder their leaders made in the 1950s and are now seeing for themselves the inexcusable mistake and clearly see the need to rectify it. The prove is the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971! India got rid of the first obstacle by liberating Bangladesh. The Tibetan freedom fighters led by Pawo Gyaton Wangdue of the Special Frontier Force (SFF) played a crucial role in the freedom of that country. It is time for Tibetans to take arms in order to liberate our nation from the cruel clutches of communist China!

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