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Posters with Tibetan national flag removed outside Chinese embassy in Denmark

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A candidate in the local election, Thomas Rohden seen holding election posters outside Chinese embassy near Copenhagen on Tuesday (Photo/Reuters)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, Oct. 28: A Danish candidate in the local elections has reportedly called out the Chinese embassy for alleged “theft” of ten election posters that he put out outside the Chinese embassy near Copenhagen on Tuesday. Thomas Rohden, a Tibet supporter claimed that the embassy removed the posters shortly after he left the premises.

Candidate Rohden said he put up the posters on Sunday but they had been removed hours later. He hung new posters on Tuesday depicting the Tibetan flag outside the embassy. “I saw people coming out of the embassy, creating a bit of a fuss about it,” Rohden told the press. The China critic told Reuters that the posters were meant as a protest of a 2012 partnership accord between Danish health authorities and the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu. According to the report, public records show the deal is no longer active but is yet to be formally terminated.

Danish police confirmed on Monday that several election posters had been stolen on the embassy’s street and added that they were investigating the “theft”. Denmark’s Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said that he found the incident “worrying” and that he will wait for the decision made by the police after thorough investigation. “We must and will stand by our values and principles,” Kofod said in a statement.

The Chinese embassy near the capital of Copenhagen on Wednesday condemned the “deliberate provocation” by the Danish candidate to “interfere in China’s internal affair”. “We express our strong indignation at this deliberate provocation on Anti-China Posters in front of the Embassy,” it said in a statement. The embassy further accused the candidate of undermining its “sovereignty” under the pretext of election campaign and “freedom of speech”.

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  1. China’s rise was met with a dead end after the implosion of the Wuhan virus. Had the virus not ravaged the world, China’s standing on the world stage would have been quite phenomenal. However, the virus put paid to the rising ambitions of China to be a respected power.
    Amid the rising tide of anti-China sentiment in the world, the Chinese threw more fuel to the fire by inflaming International opinion through their wolf warrior diplomacy. They became super arrogant and instead of using deft diplomacy to win the good will of the world, it showed it’s true colour by bullying neighbours, intimidating opponents and total disregard for international public opinion.
    The concentration camps and genocide in East Turkistan, cultural annihilation and genocide in Tibet, suppression of freedoms in Hong Kong all demonstrated the true colour of the CCP and Xi the dictator for life. China has lost all its respect in the eyes of the world and the world has lost its good will for China. The communist Government has squandered its opportunity to win the heart of the world and instead alienated the whole world through its reckless military built up for expansionism, occupation and militarisation of South China Sea, coercive tactics to toe its unethical and inhuman treatment of peoples of occupied territories and its treatment of Taiwan.
    Now, more and more people across the world will come out to confront Chinese occupation of Tibet, East Turkistan, Southern Mongolia and Hong Kong. It’s oft repeated warning of observing the so called “one China” policy and claims of sovereignty over Taiwan and Tibet will be challenged. Danish political candidate Thomas Rohden’s display of the Tibetan National Flag as a campaign poster and the blistering attack by Swiss born, Turkish NBA star Enes Kanter on the treatment of Tibetans and Ughurs are an indicator of the great push back that is now gaining momentum across the world. Baltic nation Lithuania’s bold step to open a Taiwanese diplomatic office in its capital, the Czech parliamentarians visiting Taiwan and now the European Union leaders intention to visit Taiwan are a clear sign that the tables have turned against the communist regime. Taiwan is getting all the mileage after seven decades of isolation and cold shoulder from the international community. The US is now assisting Taiwan to get more international recognition including a seat in the UN. The CCP has lost all it’s gloss and is now fast becoming a pariah State. This could be the beginning of the end of the CCP red dynasty.

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