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Resolve parliamentary deadlock “in accordance with the rule of law”: US State Department

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Tibetan Parliament in Exile (photo/Wikimedia)

By Tenzin Dharpo

DHARAMSHALA, Aug. 24: The United State’s Department of State has advised urgency to members of the newly elected Tibetan Parliament in Exile (TPiE) to resolve the ongoing parliamentary deadlock that has ensued since June this year.

The letter addressed to TPiE Secretary Tsewang Ngodup, the US Department of State’s Acting Secretary of State Lisa Peterson wrote, “We note there has been a long delay in swearing in the new members of the Parliament. The September session is eminent and there is much to do in very little time.

“Disputes over parliamentary procedures which are not resolved in timely manner and in accordance with the rule of law risk undermining the confidence placed by the Tibetan diaspora and the international community in the CTA and TPiE. We urge the elected members to move past their differences and turn to the pressing matters that need their attention”.

The letter also said that Washington DC is “encouraged” to see Tibetans elect their new Sikyong and members of parliament despite the pandemic earlier this year, and that the international community is looking at CTA and TPiE for leadership in renewing dialogue with China and achieving meaningful autonomy for Tibetans.

The parliamentary stalemate over the two oath taking ceremony has meant that the house is unable to achieve necessary quorum to elect a new Speaker and the standing Committee, rendering the CTA to operate on a limp. If the house is not able to conduct the September session (one of the two annual sessions), the CTA will shut down at the end of the financial year in March next year, due to the absence of the Parliament to approve the budget for the next fiscal year.

Grassroots appeal and public outcry has failed to budge the deadlock with seemingly no sign of meaningful talks between the two sides to resolve the issue. The President (Sikyong) of the exile Tibetan government, known officially as the Central Tibetan Administration Penpa Tsering told Phayul earlier, “We are looking forward to see now, how to move forward. So the issue here is whether the members (of parliament) will agree to take their oath as per the charter (and) join the parliament”.

8 Responses

  1. In light of recent intervention made by United States Department of State, it is shameful Lobsang Sangay, the ex-Sikyong, now seems to be going around saying he did everything to stop the current sad situation of Tibetan parliament before the end of his term and that the differing chitue-elects should come together and “compromise” so that the defunct TPiE can sit in session. If Lobsang Sangay really has degree in law then he must know that when it comes to the constitution or charter the question of “compromise” becomes invalid. In a democracy everyone is equal before the law and all must follow the constitution or charter. In their letter to Tibetan parliamentary secretary, the United States Department of State rightly points out that the ongoing parliament problem should be resolved “in accordance with the rule of law”:
    But Lobsang Sangay instead of accepting his failure is trying hard to blame the Tibetan public and media. While some who support whatever he says may shamelessly nod their heads, the vast majority of people will laugh at his dubious argument and consider him to be stupid. If Lobsang Sangay really feels the pain the current situation has caused Tibetans and especially His Holiness the Dalai Lama, then the most effective action he can take is to persuade the 22 chitue-elect, including those pretentious monks, to right away take oath from pro-tem speaker as per the exile Tibetan Charter – just as the 21 chitue-elect have responsibly done. But aren’t most of these 22 the same people who in public praise His Holiness a lot but behind his back go to see bogus tulku Ugyen Topgyal in Bir? How disgraceful – even the Chinese will be laughing at them and their hypocritical stance.

  2. The communists always blame their predecessors in order to whitewash their own evil deeds. Some of the people here are probably pseudo-communists who are following in the footsteps of Mao and Josef Stalin. The present crises is making of the present Sikyong elect by elevating impeached Chief Justice Commissioner by taking oath in his presence. However, in classic communist political tactic, they are trying to deflect criticism for their failings and illegal actions, by using the previous administration as a scape goat! This is how Mao used the Gang of Four as his scape goat after the disastrous Cultural Revolution that he single-handedly spearheaded.However, every one knows that Mao was responsible for the chaos and destruction caused by his red guards!!! So, no matter how the present Tibetan pseudo-communists and their lackeys attempt to tarnish the previous administration, anybody with an average intelligence can’t be hoodwinked by the spurious allegations that is levelled nor any scape-goating will redeem the present Sikyong elect’s undemocratic actions.
    The shameless re-instatement of the expelled Justice Commissioners was totally illegal and undemocratic. Just imagine: if a school principal expels a naughty boy/girl from the school on Monday and the student returns home as per the decree of the principal but by next Monday, a teacher who is a Dada in the school brings back the boy/girl along with his rippling muscled henchmen and re-instates the expelled student through sheer muscle flexing and Dada Giri, is that acceptable?
    Must the principal cow down under the threat of goondas running amuck in the school by imposing their will on the principal and must the principal retract his decree? A THOUSAND TIMES NO! SUCH LAWLESS ACT MUST BE CONDEMNED AND THE PRINCIPAL SHOULD BE PRAISED FOR STANDING UP TO THE BULLIES!
    The same applies here! The illegal re-instatement of the EXPELLED SJC through the muscle flexing ex-officials is SIMPLY NOT ACCEPTABLE! Full Stop!
    This dubious and illegal act has made the call for following the law (chatrim) a monologue of the insane! It is devoid of any meaning!

    1. Dear pseudo gyalchepa, you are missing the biggest part of the story here when you gave that example of school principal having to expel so called naughty boy/girl. Infact those naughty students were the one who blew the whistle against exploits of the school principal who was a pedophile, as well as corrupt, was personally receiving grants from the principal of CCP school to discredit his own school. Nobody in their right mind could do it. So those brave kids whom you addressed as naughty having experienced the attempts of mr principal blew the lid of his sacret garden. The cunning principal then retaliated by expelling those kids. But the parents association always knew about the principal’s misadventure and I’ll treatment of the students from countless complaints from parents and students so they backed your naughty boy/ girl back to school.
      The bullies, as a lay man, I have seen during the GCM tournament. The threats they issued to some footballing team had to fled from dasa overnight. I wonder if you regard that as a bully. And if I was a dhoetsok thumi, I could have first hand experience of bully amongst those rotten mind in white collar. But let tell here, you are an educated orthodox.

  3. Rule of law must be upheld by every citizen of democratic country and that apply to us Tibetans and has been reinforced by US also. Anyone who supports us are wary of the situation we have made ourselves in. The CTA bosses must act to decide the logjam according to our Tibetan charter without losing time. Time is not on our side. We must act as per rules and if not, we will perish. The kindness of His Holiness and His hard work for decades must not be handled in this way. We, Tibetans have the responsibilities to work toward upholding our democracy. We have to be vocal to face the unruly Chithues and their so-called supporters. They are here to ruin our democracy with the support from our enemies. Don’t let them succeed in ruining their future with ours.

  4. Stop blaming the Chi-thus, blame yourselves, you elected them! No point in re-election, same people will be elected. Get rid of the root cause – get rid of sectarianism and regionalism!

  5. LS when he first got to the US after half heartedly handing power to current Sikyong hinted that HHDL gave him other responsibilities – ie the Nalanda project. Rumor has it that Ganden Phodrang has canned that idea after the debacle that he orchestrated and left CTA in tatters.

  6. The US Department of State’s Acting Secretary of State’s letter to TPiE Secretary clearly shows that the 22 chitue-elects who refused to take oath from pro-tem speaker have a lot to answer for not following “the rule of law”. They and former Sikyong Lobsang Sangay who did not speak out in defense of “the rule of law” when former Speaker Pema Jungney lead the move in last parliament to remove all three justices without first forming a committee, as per Charter, to look into the matter, are all responsible for the current Tibetan parliament crisis. It just shows how little these people think of and care about the Tibetan nation and plight of Tibetans inside Chinese-occupied Tibet. All they seem to be care for is their own selfish agenda and empty ego. Otherwise why is Lobsang Sangay singing and partying in Belgium and New York when Tibetan democracy founded by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala has literally collapsed. What he is doing is shameful and criminal. People in Gadhen Phodrang must tell His Holiness of the public opinion that there is no need to praise and thank Lobsang Sangay when this same person has done nothing to save the democracy he has given to the Tibetan people. In fact instead of taking His Holiness to the Potala Palace as per his election promise, Lobsang Sangay ended his term badly by leaving behind a shattered Tibetan democracy. Even the US Acting Secretary of State says that if this is not resolved “in timely manner and in accordance with the rule of law risk undermining the confidence placed by the Tibetan diaspora and the international community in the CTA and TPiE.” Their mouthful of loyalty to His Holiness and the Tibetan cause is nil if it is not matched with positive action. They can no longer fool the Tibetan people and the world. The law of karma will one day kick Lobsang Sangay and the 22 rogue chitue-elects. As per Charter the election commissioner must now call chitues in waiting list to take their oath from pro-tem speaker to resume the parliament’s responsibility to the Tibetan people and the Tibetan freedom struggle.

  7. The Chithues who refused to cooperate and return to the parliament should now resign and seek a fresh mandate from the people. None of them seems to have any concern and respect to the His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people at this difficult time. Are there anything to expect from such lawmakers? Most of us have lost faith in their leadership and the way these 22 Chithues handle the current stalemate is highly disappointing and shameful. Honestly, they don’t have even have the value of peanuts in the eyes of people now, due to their stubbornness and irresponsible nature.
    The letter from the Lisa Peterson, the United States Department of State is a great reminder, and please realize the consequences of not heeding to the advice of our great friend and well wishers. This problem could have been easily resolved internally a long time ago, without any need for advice from the friendly country.
    We saw the true colors and wisdom of our newly elected Chithues today and they are a disgrace to the Tibetan nation.

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