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Caricature: “Our democracy was a gift, and gifts aren’t returned back.”

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Caricature: “Our democracy was a gift, and gifts aren’t returned back.”

by Cactus for

7 Responses

  1. Democracy is the unalienable right of the people to periodically vote in and vote out their rulers. The present or gift is the Democratic Government

    When people say democracy is a gift the. They are denying the unalienable right of the people and presenting democracy as a gift that is given and can be taken away Looking forward to Tibetans talking of justice.

    Justice is the foundation of democracy and many religious folks say they regard all sentient beings as their mothers but at the same time talk of servants and enemies.

  2. we ignore how lucky we are with all these freedom and enjoying democracy in exile only by the grace of His Holiness the great 14.Dalai Lama. Specially all the high Lamas and scholars in Exile have got the opportunity to develop in the respective institutions built by HHDL. Now our Chithues are divided into two and both are very sure that they are doing right! it is like we are walking parallel and not together which will never meet unless we build a bridge, so think volks which kind of bridge would be good to come together without consultin HHDL? i think this time should be allowed a special case because we are in learning process of democracy! we must build a bridge of emergency. your suggestions are welcome. my suggestion is to keep all the 44 or 45 chithues to get together in the Hall with all the CTA Staffs, stay in line A: 21 chithues and in line B:22 Chithues and shake hands and say we will work for the cause of Tibet… (this time leave the original rules as it is happened an extraordinay way caused by WUHAN VIRUS….)

  3. Error in the caption – return is a process of going back to it’s original place or a form. Returning back is wrong

  4. Something like freebies are not valued at par with those bought by paying with hard earned money. Similarly, anything that is bestowed without struggle has no value.

    Grow up people, know what is right and what is wrong. Come out of our differences and lets make a united struggle against a manipulative government.

  5. We forget that Tibetan democracy was a gift because we have not shed even a drop of blood. To the Red Chinese, the people under them are just a machine and not sentient beings. Beware Tibetans, don’t spoil the freedom we have been enjoying.

    His Holiness, you are our source of inspiration and patriotism. You are our inspiration to work towards our people.

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