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Tibetans in Canada and US hold protest against Chinese aggression in India

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Tibetans protesting near the Chinese consulate compound in NY (Photo-TYC)
Tibetans protesting near the Chinese consulate compound in NY (Photo-TYC)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, June 30: The regional Tibetan Youth Congress of New York & New Jersey and Toronto held protests on Tuesday in front of the Chinese consulates to condemn China for its recent military intrusion in Galwan valley, Ladakh where 20 Indian soldiers died. The protests expressed support and solidarity with India for defending its national interest and territory.

Tibetans mobilized in groups at the gate of the Chinese consulates in the US and Canada where slogans with regards to India’s security was raised. “Tibet’s independence is India’s security”, “Tibet stands with India” and “Thank you Indian Army” slogans were raised by the protestors.

The protest also carried slogans for Tibet’s self-determination and urged China to stop the ongoing violation of human rights in Tibet. Call for Boycotting Chinese products were also raised in the protests. “Boycott China” has gained growing support in India as the initiative takes shape amid the ongoing stand-off between the two neighbouring states.

The largest Tibetan NGO in exile, TYC, along with four Tibetan NGOs also held a protest rally against China in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamshala earlier on June 19. They held a joint press conference to condemn China for the attack at the Indo-Tibet border right after the news of the casualties surfaced in the media. These protests have aimed to bring attention to China’s ‘expansionist’ policy where it has been frequently encroaching on different frontiers in the border area.


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