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Tenzin Paldon crowned Miss Tibet 2017, Lobsang Wangyal hangs his suits

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By Tenzin Monlam

DHARAMSHALA, June 5: Twenty-one year old Tenzin Paldon was crowned the Miss Tibet 2017 on Sunday by beating Tenzin Khechoe, one of the fan favorites, in what reportedly will be the last Miss Tibet pageant under Lobsang Wangyal Productions’ banner.

“I would like to thank you everyone involved and I am very delighted to have won because I was expecting Tenzin Khechoe to win, but right now we are both winners,” said the newly crowned Miss Tibet, who also won the Miss photogenic title with 36 percent of the total vote.

Currently working as a cabin crew at Spice Jet Airlines apart from modelling, Paldon said that she would use Miss Tibet to inspire the younger generations in every way possible. As for her career in modeling she feels that the title would be immensely helpful, as her modeling agency has come forward with more offers.

Directing the pageant for the last 15 years, the ever-colorful Lobsang Wangyal in a bright silver suit took his final bow after announcing his intention to sell the pageant.

“The show will go on but under a different production house. I have been doing this for 15 years. With such huge gathering and nine beautiful contestants, I think it the best way to leave at a high,” said Wangyal before crowning ceremony.

He calls on interested party who wishes to manage the pageant differently by citing that they have the opportunity. However, he made it clear that it would not be free of cost.

“I can’t say the estimate right now but I have something in my mind. The price would be determined when any interest party comes in with an offer and we manage to find a middle ground on the pricing. However, the buyers must accept the responsibilities of upholding the original aims and objectives of the pageant,” he said.

Tenzin Khechoe, 22, the first runner-up, who lost the crown with a tiny margin was still jubilant.

“I am satisfied and happy that at least got the first runner-up and also the experience I have got through this pageant. All them would be helpful for my next steps,” Khechoe said.

Tenzin Nordron, 20, a second-year history student, was adjudged as the second runner-up of the 2017 Miss Tibet pageant, which saw a record of nine contestants from India, US and Europe.

During the final day of the pageant, Lobsang Wangyal displayed all the suits he wore on the occasions during the 15 years.

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