Nawang Khechog: Tibet’s son of music

Nawang Khechog has travelled from that of a hermit meditator to being a Grammy nominee and one of the most celebrated and foremost Tibetan musicians around the world. After a deadly accident in February this year, Khechog speaks about his

Tibetans on hunger strike

Lobsang rests on the third day of a hunger strike by 14 Tibetan men and women in New Delhi, India, on Tuesday. The indefinite hunger strike is a protest against human-rights abuses by the Chinese government, the alleged destruction of Tibetan culture and the alleged imprisonment of several key Tibetan figures such as the 11th Panchen Lama.(THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/Saurabh Das)

Wild life poaching still rampant in Tibet

According to reliable sources, early this year, a group of western adventurers found some fresh carcasses of over 20 Tibetan antelopes that had been slaughtered and skinned for their precious shatoosh wool.

Indefinite Hunger Strike Update: Day 5

The Tibetan Youth Congress-led hunger strike of fourteen Tibetans at Jantar Mantar in Delhi enters the fifth day. The health conditions of the hunger strikers show signs of deteriorating.