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Body, Mind and Life Conference begins in Dharamshala

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DHARAMSHALA, June 26: A three-day conference on how to better understand oneself and the nature of human beings from the four different perspectives of Buddhist philosophy, Tibetan medicine, Tibetan astrology and astronomy, and modern science began here today.

The ‘Body, Mind and Life’ conference, from June 26-28, is being organised by the Dharamshala based Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute, the premier institution in exile practicing Sowa-rigpa, the Tibetan system of medicine, astronomy and astrology.

Around 300 health practitioners, educationists, and specialists, including Tibetans, Indians, and westerners are taking part in the conference. The participants aim to provide a solid ground for the consolidation of mental health education and practices in order to achieve a more refined state of psychological welfare.

The Conference began with a moment of silence for the victims of the Tibet self-immolations and the ongoing flood in Uttarakhand. This was followed by an introductory speech about the relations between medical science and Tibetan herbal medicine led by Geshe Tenpa Tashi, lecturer at TMAI college.

The Chief Guest, Dr Arun Kapur, Executive Director of Vasant Valley School, New Delhi and a well known educationist in India, stressed on the significance of reforming education and schooling and expressed his optimism that the Conference “will sow the seeds for us understanding ourselves and those around us better.”

“We will see what factors are responsible for causing disturbances within the body, mind and life and how we can maintain and restore balance to each of these individually, as well as in relation to each other,” said Dr Arun.

“We live in tough times, surrounded by tough realities. Conferences such as this are not only a perfect platform to address the burning issues, they are essential to us in understanding our individual natures, human nature, equipping us with the tools required to achieve a sense of truth, honor and respect in a society and world filled with ethical degradation.”

Participants at the Conference will deliberate on five key topics – The General Concept of Body; Mind and Life; Seeds of Body, Mind and Life; Relationship between Body, Mind and Life; Factors Responsible for the Disturbance of the Body, Mind and Life; and Maintaining and Restoring Body, Mind and Life.

Twenty speakers, including Geshes from the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan doctors (Menrampa), Tibetan Astrologers (Tsirampa), and scholars from the US, will be leading the discussions.

Eric Goh, a participant from Edinburgh said, “It has been wonderful so far and the speakers have made really good points. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to be here.”

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