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Urgent Press Release by Tibetan Women’s Association

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TWA Calls on the Chinese Authorities to Respect the Political Rights of Tibetans in Kardze County

Despite our efforts to quell the situation surrounding the Ngaba Kirti Monastery, the monks at Kirti Monastery still have not been released and the reports of police abuse continue. Unfortunately, the media is now reporting that a similar situation is occurring in Kardze county, part of the East Tibetan Autonomous Region.

The situation in Kardze remains tense, with increased restrictions and presence of security forces continuing to beat and detain monks and nuns calling for the freedom for Tibet and for the return of exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.

On 6 and 7 June, three monks were beaten and detained for protesting. On 17 June, two monks of Khangar monastery, Rinchen Gyatso and Lama Tsering, were quickly detained and forcibly taken away by the police after raising slogans such as “Long Live His Holiness the Dalai Lama,” “Tibet is an independent nation” and “Ensure Human Rights in Tibet.” Seventeen more Tibetans, monks and nuns from different monasteries, have also protested in Kardze’s downtown center, only to be severely beaten and detained. Among those included were four nuns from the Lamdrak nunnery, Bomo Shoga, Tsewang Dolma, Dega and Rinchen Choetso; three monks of Beri monastery, Pema Tsering, Oser Phuntsog, and an unknown; six monks from Kardze monastery; three nuns from Getse nunnery; and another monk from Khangar monastery.

According to news sources, attempts to reach Kardze area authorities for comment on Monday were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has stepped up restrictions in both lay and monastic communities, with authorities prohibiting the monks and nuns in Kardze from going out to the town without prior permission. Additionally, those in need of medical attention can only visit the hospitals for medical checkup with written permission from the local authorities. They are also required to be accompanied by a government official. Authorities have warned that failure to do so may result in arrest.

TWA is concerned by the actions of the Chinese authorities and appeals to the international community and the United Nations to urgently issue intervention to stop the ongoing security clampdown, arbitrary arrests and detentions of Tibetans in Kardze County of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. TWA calls on the Chinese authorities to lift the restrictions of movement and immediately release political prisoners that have been detained for arbitrary reasons.

Dolkar Lhamo Kirti

Contact for Tibetan : 9882291202 Dolkar Lhamo Kirti
English : 9418413625 Tseyang Oshoe (G. Secretary)

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