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Detained Tibetan writer’s banned book reprinted in exile

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by Wangdue Tsering

Kathmandu, May 24 – Nearly a month after the arrest of renowned Tibetan writer Tagyal (pen name –Shokdung) by the Chinese Government, his book: Nam sa Gochey (Opening of Earth and Sky) which is banned in Tibet was reprinted and distributed by some young Tibetans in Kathmandu.

At the launch of the book at Sogntsen School Friday, chief guest Gyalnor Tsewang, member of Tibetan Parliament in exile (TPIE), said, “ It was a very brave and patriotic action by the writer, whose action had once again put a flame on our course.” Also present at the event were Tsetan Norbu, member of TPIE, sponsors of the publication, leaders of various Tibetan organizations and literary fans. Free copies of the book were distributed to the audience.

China has arrested a renowned Tibetan writer in Xining, the provincial capital of Qinghai province. Tagyal, who writes with pen name “Shogdung” (morning conch) worked for the Nationalities Publishing House in Xining.

On April 23, police officers from Xining Police Station arrived at the Qinghai Nationalities Publishing House and took Tagyal to his house which was thoroughly searched. The police then arrested Shogdung whose book Nam sa Go chey, had been banned by the Chinese Government. Shogdung’s arrest is linked to this book about the nationwide peaceful protest against the Chinese Government in 2008.

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