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Reach out to Chinese people, Dalai Lama tells overseas Tibetans

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Dharamsala, May 24 – His Holiness the Dalai Lama has asked overseas Tibetans to reach out to the Chinese people in their localities to win their support in resolving the Tibet issue. The Tibetan leader was speaking Saturday in New York to around 4000 Tibetans including 50 representatives from 11 different Tibetan communities of North America.

He said that in order to resolve the Tibetan problem, it is important that the Tibetans have the understanding and support of the Chinese people so that they can understand the Tibetan point of view.

Welcoming His Holiness at the riverside Church were speaker of the Tibetan Parliament Penpa Tsering, Kalon Tripa Samdhong Rinpoche and Pema Tsewang, President of the local Tibetan Community. His Holiness said the presence of the Speaker and the Kalon Tripa at the gathering was meant to have good discussion on exile Tibetan government’s future course of action with representatives and members of the Tibetan community.

His Holiness said for more than 51 years of Tibetans’ exile the Tibetan people inside Tibet have witnessed an attempt to undermine their religion and culture, and that the voices of the Tibetan people inside Tibet are being crushed with force.

His Holiness said the Tibetans should never forget their basic Tibetan identity whatever their current nationalities are.

His Holiness said education was very important for Tibetan children. He said the Tibetan language must be given special importance by Tibetans living overseas.

His Holiness said that his Middle Way Approach in no way negated the past history but a need was felt to deal with the reality and save the dying Tibetan identity, culture and language under China. He added the Middle Way Approach was not about one side losing and the other side winning but was mutually beneficial.

based on a report sent by Bhuchung K Tsering

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