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Marchers determined to enter Sikkim border

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By Tenzin Nyima (Ola)

The 300 pro-Tibet marchers, who want to join the protests in Tibet,today entered the fourth day of their march to the Sikkim Border. They have camped at Tarkhola, around 10 kilometres from the Sikkim border.

The marchers are planning to enter Sikkim on Monday, March 24.

The Telegraph, a Kolkata-based newspaper, reported on Friday that the Sikkim government is already considering stopping the peaceful marchers at Rangpo, the border between West Bengal and Sikkim.

However,the marchers are determined to enter Sikkim on Monday, March 24, at 11 a.m. on their way to the Indo-Tibet border (Nathu-la

The Sikkim government has already started its preparation of blocking the marchers at its border. The police have set up barricades at the border between West Bengal and Sikkim along with a large contingent of Sikkim Armed Police; and there is unusual checking at the border with passengers having to furnish their identification papers.

The authorities in Sikkim have already started preparation since 21st March 2008. A large barricade along with a large contingent of
Sikkim Armed Police has been laid down at Bengal-Sikkim border and there is unusual strict checking at the Border.

All the marchers are from various parts of the North-east region of India. They have got together to take part in the march which started on 20th March 2008. The goal of the marchers is to fight shoulder to shoulder with Tibetans inside Tibet. They aim to continue with the current non-violent way of fighting to end the repressive occupation of Tibet by China.

“With the deteriorating situation inside Tibet, blocking of news to the outside world resulting in complete isolation of our brethrens in Tibet and the international community remaining ignorant of the violent suppression in Tibet, the resolve of the marchers to join the fellow Tibetans inside Tibet is cemented now”, said Mr. Ugyen Tsewang,
of the North-East Zonal TYC.

The marchers have urged the Government of India and the Government of Sikkim to give them the passage through the Nathula border to Tibet.

Through this march, they are also urging the Indian government and the international community to:

1. put pressure on the Chinese government to immediately stop violent crackdowns on Tibetan protesters in Tibet.

2. urge the UN to investigate into the brutal killings, detention, torture and arrests in Tibet since the protest started on March 10.

3. boycott the Beijing Olympics as China has failed to improve its human rights record.

The march led by North-East Zonal Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) saw the participation of Tibetans living across the North-East region, including members of Regional Tibetan Women’s Association andHimalayan Tibet supporters. The march was a spontaneous people’saction plan mutually decided by representatives of Tibetans who participated in March 18 Action, which saw the widest participation of Tibetans across the North-East region of India in Siliguri. The gathering condemned the violent crackdowns in Tibet.

Contact Details:

Mr. Dawa Gyalpo, (President)

Mr. Ugyen Tsewang (General Secretary)

Mr. Samdup Dorjee (Media Coordinator)
North-East Zonal TYC Organzing Committee
Mobile: +91 9474392994, +91 9733363988,
+91 9932436397, +91 9933385401

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