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Action of ‘Solidarity with Tibetans’ in Lithuania

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Vilnius, March 19: An action of solidarity with the Tibetans fighting for a Free Tibet was organized near the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Lithuania.

Apart from Lithuanians, Belarusians (students from Belarus European Humanitarian University and activists of Belarusian Resistance Revival BUNT also took part in the action.

Picketers held the flags of Free Tibet in their hands. Placards of “Free Tibet”, “Stop terror”, “Freedom for Tibetan political prisoners”, “China, go out from Tibet” in Belarusian, Lithuanian, English and Chinese were carried with informative materials about the hellish acts of the Government of China on the people of Tibet.

Embassy officials looked on with interest at the action from the Embassy windows. The protesters did not head for the embassy. However, a petition was directed to the Chinese Ambassador expressing indignation to the policy of the Chinese Government.

Picketing near the Chinese Embassy will last till the 21st of March.

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