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26 Tibetans detained after trying to get into Chinese Consulate in Munich

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MUNICH, Germany, March 17 – German police detained 26 Tibetan demonstrators Monday after they tried to force their way into the Chinese Consulate in Munich, officials said.

The protesters tore down a Chinese flag and set it alight. They also sprayed slogans including “Save Tibet” and “Stop Killing” on the wall and front door of the building.

Consulate employees were able to keep out the protesters and alert police.

The demonstrators were detained on suspicion of breaching the peace. Police spokesman Christoph Reichenbach said none of them was injured.

Police said the protest appeared to be spontaneous.

In Berlin, a group of about 150 Tibetans and Germans protested outside the Chinese Embassy, with placards that included “Freedom for Tibet”.
The head of the International Campaign for Tibet’s German branch, Kai Mueller, said that the world had “not heard much” from the United Nations about the situation in Tibet.

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