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It is now or never

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By Tenzin Chodon

‘Rise Up, Resist, Return’; the motto of the Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement applies to all of us because this is a movement of the Tibetan people. We have lived in exile for a very long time and struggled from the onset for independence. Each beat of every Tibetan heart is a longing, a wait for the day when they beat in unison and right now the sound is becoming more intense and stronger with all hearts beating for a Free Tibet.

With China accusing His Holiness the Dalai Lama of orchestrating and masterminding the protests and anti-Chinese violence and their attempts to distort the truth about the happenings in Tibet, the world community has to understand that the Chinese authorities are a bunch of shameless lying crooks. The world is watching with intent, there is widespread interest and questions are being raised on the baseless accusations of the Chinese and their even more baseless reports. The Chinese should know that the truth will always prevail in the end and their conniving and manipulative acts will be known sooner than they think because now, the eye of the world is on them and we will make sure that it will penetrate so hard that the Chinese government will have to bow down.

This is the time, the moment. Our country and our people are beckoning us to return and now is the time to fulfill our dream of going back to our homeland. The land where our ancestors laid the basis of our existence, the land where our fathers and forefathers lived peacefully, the land, our own, of which we have heard but in tales. We now have to see it for ourselves.

‘Death is but an instant, nothing more’, so why should we be afraid of dying. What better way to live but to live for your country and what better way to die but for the freedom of your country. Let the enemy be warned that we won’t be stopped. We have kept our quiet for a long time listening to your unintelligent and unjustified arguments. We won’t be silenced anymore. No longer will we suffer inhuman acts of repression, cultural genocide and religious subjugation. We want the world to support us in our fight for the liberation of a nation that is justly and rightfully ours.

The spark has lit a fire which was simmering in us for a long time and now it will burn more brightly and more brilliantly than ever in the days to come. The time has come for all Tibetans to rise and fight for freedom. It is a test of patience and persistence and we promise that we will endure till the end when we can proudly present to the world a free, independent and liberated country that we call TIBET.

It is NOW or never. FREE TIBET

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