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Tibetan exiles turn restless as China’s atrocities scar Tibet

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By Phurbu Thinley

Dharamsala, March 16: Tibetan exiles around the world are becoming increasingly impatient and restless over China’s continuing brutality in Tibet.

In Dharamsala, the administrative capital of the exiled Tibetans, hundreds and thousands of Tibetans have been ceaselessly organising series of protests, one after the other, to oppose China’s oppressive rule as more reports of killings by Chinese military and police continue to pour out of Tibet.

Meanwhile, the exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama has reportedly called for international probe into the grave situation developing inside Tibet during a press conference held here this after noon.

During the press conference arranged for foreign and Indian media, he reportedly raised grave concern over the atrocities continuing in Tibet as China shows no sign of restraint in dealing with Tibetan protesters.

The Dalai Lama also presided over a prayer session at Main Tibetan Temple earlier in the afternoon today. Hundreds of monks and lay people joined him to offer prayers and pay tribute to Tibetans who are reportedly killed during protests in Tibet or, are now believed to be under fear of ill-treatment and repression.

The Tibetan leader offered prayers expressing deep concern over the wellbeing of Tibetans inside Tibet as the “”surrender deadline” set by Chinese leaders on Tibetan protesters draws near.

Chinese leaders on Saturday announced stern punishment to those Tibetans involved in the demonstrations challenging China’s rule over Tibet if they fail to give in Monday midnight.

But the Tibetan people’s fury appears to be only intensifying in Tibet as the unrest spreads out in several parts of Tibet other than the capital Lhasa.

Out on the streets of Dharamsala, unprecedented large public rallies by thousands of Tibetans are signs of growing frustration over Communist China’s brutal crackdown on Tibetan dissenters.

Processions, candle light vigil and hunger strikes by Tibetans have become routine protests here against oppressive Chinese rule in Tibet and to show spontaneous solidarity to fellow Tibetans inside Tibet. .

“Tibet belongs to Tibetans”, “China out of Tibet”, “What we want? – We want Freedom” are some of the commonly raised slogans during the regular protests here.

Second batch of Tibetan exiles marching to Tibet before the Olympics begin in Beijing have already crossed Kangra District. The group of 44 marchers resumed the so called, “Return March to Tibet” yesterday from Dehra, where the first 100 Tibetan core marchers were stopped on Thursday by Indian police.

Tibetans elsewhere around the world have also unleashed a volley of unprecedented protests demonstrations, often storming into nearby Chinese consulates and embassies.

Tibetan activists are now accusing China of painting wrong pictures of Tibetan freedom struggle by turning Tibetan unrest into communal issues. Stories relating incidents of communal violence and linking them as victims of Tibetan rioters have been appearing in Chinese news sites, which are effectively controlled by Communist Party of China, purportedly to divert world attention away from Tibetan struggle for freedom.

Exiled Tibetan activists say they are determined to make China pay its price as it prepares to host the world’s largest sporting event in Beijing this August.

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