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Tibetans to protest during Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to Seattle on April 18 &19

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Contact: Tsewang Rigzin (360-213-9393), President-Tibetan Youth Congress Portland/Vancouver
April 17, 2006

A group of Tibetans from Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington will drive to Seattle on Tuesday, April 18th, to participate in a protest organized jointly by the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) Chapters of Seattle and Portland/Vancouver.

We are protesting against China’s illegal occupation of Tibet and the ongoing brutal repression of Tibetans inside Tibet. We will remind Hu Jintao of the genocide committed by his evil Communist regime in Tibet and demand him to immediately withdraw his troops from Tibet and return Tibet to the rightful owner – Tibetans. We are also demanding that China immediately release Gendhun Choekyi Nyima and all other political prisoners.

Demonstrations will be held at Westin Hotel, Seattle before and during Hu’s arrival and also in Medina (Bill Gate’s neighborhood) during his dinner with Bill Gates and again at Westin Hotel when he returns from his dinner.

According to Tsewang Rigzin, President of the TYC Portland/Vancouver, “Despite being under the gun of the Communist Chinese since 1959, even today Tibetans inside Tibet continue to put their precious life on the line by refusing to accept Tibet as part of China and continue to revere His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Hu’s visit is a great opportunity for us in EXILE to rise up and perform our Duty as citizens of Tibet by reminding Hu that we will not rest until Tibet is Independent.”

Hu will be hounded by Free Tibet protesters in Washington D.C. and New Haven as well. No Chinese leaders will escape these strong protests until they accept the fact that Tibet belongs to Tibetans and until they get their bloody hands off Tibet.

China invaded Tibet in 1959 and over one million Tibetans have been killed due to this invasion. To this day, the Communist Chinese regime in Tibet continues to torture, rape, and execute Tibetans for their peaceful protest for Tibet’s Independence and basic human rights.

Tibetans are denied basic fundamental rights and it is more than absurd when China applies to be a member of the newly formed United Nations Human Rights Council.

Organized by Tibetan Youth Congress, Portland/Vancouver
Co-sponsored by International Tibet Independence Movement

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