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The Statement on the 47th Tibetan National Uprising Day: TYC

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Today on the 10th of March, Tibetans all over the world, once again commemorate for the 47th year, our national uprising day, the day we re-asserted our Independence, the day we demanded China to quit Tibet and the day we launched an integrated demonstration of our courage and sacrifice to fight the Chinese occupation with the weapons of truth and determination.

On this day, we also pay our sincere and heartfelt homage to our martyrs and patriots and rededicate ourselves to the struggle with steadfast resolution. On this day, we also reassess the course of our freedom struggle and re-vitalize and re-strategize our movement, efforts and resources to realize the sacred goal of the Liberation of Tibet. Towards that end we must continue to maintain a rock-solid unity and consolidated effort, for history is a callous reminder that a half-hearted and unorganized freedom struggle has never yielded any result.

Today despite the ongoing efforts for a dialogue between our envoys and Chinese leaders and the hullabaloo over the possibility of an early return to Tibet, the reality has not changed a bit. The major “fundamental differences” on key issues and the absolute lack of genuine interest and efforts for sincere resolution of the Tibetan issue by the Chinese leaders continue to persist. On the contrary, China continues to aggravate the level of its repression inside Tibet, and abuse and accuse our Supreme Spiritual and Political leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama as a splitist. The latest slandering being thrown during His Holiness’ recent visit to Israel.

The situation in Tibet continues to deteriorate with the reintroduction of Patriotic-Re-education campaign. Illegal detention, arrest, torture and execution continue unabated throughout Tibet. Thousands continue to languish in the Chinese dungeons in Tibet such as the Drapchi, Gutsa and Powo Tramo and Chushur prison for the freedom of Tibet. Deprivation of basic rights, acute discrimination and marginalisation of the Tibetans in every sphere of work and field, and the practise of unfair and unconstitutional laws complimented by restrictions and persecution of Tibetans depict the truth of China’s “brotherly treatment”.

Hu Jintao, the Chinese President, days after Beijing won the bid to host the 2008 Olympics told reporters that it was now even more “essential to fight strongly against separatists activities orchestrated by the Dalai Lama and anti China forces around the world”. And true to his words, China spearheaded the Olympic preparations with more killings, more torture, more repression, more arbitrary detentions and more censorship etc. with Tibetans suffering a major part of the crackdown.

In Western Gansu Province, several numbers of people were arrested in May 2005 for involvement in the distribution and pasting of protest letters calling for the independence of Tibet, for the Chinese authorities to enter into negotiations with the Dalai Lama, and that China should not host the 2008 Olympics until the Tibet question is peacefully resolved. Nuns Tadrin Tsomo and Choekyi Drolma, and one of the monks, Dargye Gyatso, have been sentenced to three years imprisonment. Nun Yonten Drolma, and monk Jamyang Samdrub, have both been sentenced to one and a half year’s imprisonment in one of the crackdown operations. Similar and worse crackdown is deemed to follow in its run up to the 2008 Olympic.
In spite of the ‘ Rising China’, the Tibetan freedom movement has proved as a major national crisis or Achilles Heel, effectively challenging the Communist regime. And despite the rise and acknowledgement of China as a potential power, real China is still reeling under innumerable problems making China one of the most vulnerable giant deemed for sudden collapse. Great gap between the rich and the poor and extreme poverty, unemployment, health hazards, large-scale anti-government public protest, environment disasters, unmanageable corruption, lack of basic necessities, social securities, peace and freedom and fake and fuelled economic growth only prophesises the coming collapse of China.

Last year, over 5 million Chinese participated in anti-government demonstrations all over China. Over 8 million communist Party members resigned and left the Party. And at this important juncture when the collapse of CCP has become imminent, we all must contribute our energy in fastening this collapse of the dictatorial regime.

Today, the 10th of March has attained far more significance as our freedom struggle cruises through one of the most vulnerable and crucial stages, emerging as a major trial and test for the Tibetans through out the world. And how we overcome this test will define the future and the destiny of the people and the nation of Tibet. And with the entire Tibetans fighting for the cause of Tibet and none else, we must carry on the struggle with greater understanding and far-sightedness; without any unwanted misunderstandings and divisions for it may cause a weakening of our struggle.

History illustrates Tibetans as freedom loving patriots and we have vindicated the reputation with sacrifices and martyrdom. Today as our struggle reaches a crucial threshold, it calls for further sacrifices and dedication. Let us therefore; consolidate our resources, strength and efforts to the ultimate aspiration of complete independence of Tibet unto which we commemorate this National Uprising Day.


Central Executive Committee
Tibetan Youth Congress

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