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An Accomplished WildLife Awareness Campaign:Press Release

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Dharamshala, 20th February 2006: In a successive turn out of events, the four Tibetan NGOs, Gu-Chu-Sum Movement, National Democratic Party of Tibet {NDPT} Tibetan Youth Congress {TYC} and Tibetan Women’s Association {TWA} organized an event of burning endangered species hides and fur at Mcleod Ganj Square in Dharamshala at 10.30am today to express our solidarity with the on-going similar events that is taking place in Tibet within the parameters of the strict Chinese regime.

The stirred emotions of the Tibetans turned sour on 8th November 2005, when the Indian M.P Maneka Gandhi condemned the Tibetans as poachers and advocated for their expulsion from India. The four NGO`s joined hands to defend the Tibetan identity and met her in person to vent out the indignation caused and realizing the magnitude of the encroaching problem decided to collectively fight the menace. Kalachakra 2006, was the perfect avenue for the NGO`s to cater to mass education through an intensive two-week wildlife awareness campaign that gave an impetus to bring the naïve and manipulated Tibetans to an awakening.

A compact disc {CD} featuring the mass burning of wildlife hides worth billions of Yuan at Ngapa in Amdo on 11th February reached into the hands of the four NGOs on the 15th of February 2006. This is a historic event that reflects the strong conviction in the Tibetans to tread the right path and vindicate against falling victims to the Chinese political overtones. Consequently, the NGOs called for a press conference at 2.30 P.M on 17th February 2006, and the same evening thousands gathered at Tsuglakhang to witness the event of Tibet through Audio-Visual Presentation.

The representatives of the NGO`s toured around Kangra District on 18th February for information dissemination. Today on 20th February, at 10.30 A.M, thousands gathered at the Mcleod Ganj square and contributed their apparel decorum to the bonfire. An individual burnt a Tiger skin that was worth of RS. 60, 000. The burning of around 75 to 80 different items including seven different types of animal skin and fur {Tiger, Bear, Otter, Mink, Monkey, Fox,} worth lakhs of rupees, significantly determines the conviction in the Tibetans and reflects the arbitrary unrest among Tibetans to maintain the cultural essence oblivious of the heavy price tag that comes along.

With China being a party to the ‘Convention of the International Trade of Endangered Species’ (CITES), instead of applauding such initiatives have detained the volunteers of such campaign in Tibet and this reflects the sorry state of affairs in the Chinese political domain. Therefore we appeal to the International Community and the U.N High Commissioner for Human Rights to see to the unconditional and immediate release of those arrested as the intentions behind these pro-environmental activists are purely humane and not political.

Ven.Ngawang Woepar; Gu Chu Sum, 9418102483
Mr. Lobsang Yeshi; TYC, 9816106224
Dr. B.Tsering; TWA, 9816172030

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