Press Release -Tibetans React to Maneka

We have immense respect for Mrs. Maneka Gandhi’s unbounded devotion towards animals and dedicating her life by educating Indian masses about the preservation of Wild life in India. What really astonished us was her recent statement

Fire in Jodhpur Tibetan Market Destroys 17 Shops

In what turned out to be a tragic beginning of their winter business for the Tibetans trading sweaters in western Indian town of Jodhpur, 17 Tibetan shops in the town’s Tibetan sweater sellers’ market have been

Narayanan’s Death Mourned

The offices of the exile Tibetan government remained closed after 4 PM yesterday to mourn the passing away of the

Dalai Lama needles US over democratic rights

Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, took a rare swipe at the United States, saying he was puzzled why residents in the capital of the world’s oldest democracy have no Congressional

Olympic preparations move into high gear

Beijing’s Olympic organizers are racing against time to prepare for the 2008 Games, from round-the-clock work on constructing stadiums to planning the global torch relay, a senior official

Special Elections Over; CA Governor Heads to China

Fresh from the results of a special election that consumed California political life for the last few months, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking a break from the local scene to lead a delegation to mainland China.