Risk of deportation for Tibetans in Nepali jail

TCHRD received confirmed information that 18 Tibetan refugee detainees who were arrested in Nepal on 15 April 2003, now face the prospect of imminent deportation following Chinese embassy officials’ intervention in their release process.

Gyalyum Chenmo Soccer Gold Cup from June 1

Football is a religion, they say, in Brazil. For Tibetans, it’s no less. As the two Italian soccer giants AC Milan and Juventus met last night for the final of the UEFA Champion’s League, which was won by the former

Australian Firm’s Gold Prospects Hit Tibet Wall

A mining company planning to dig for gold in western China is on collision course with the Dalai Lama and Tibet’s government-in-exile. Sino Gold, an Australian company, wants to mine at Jinkang, in Sichuan province. The company owns

Dalai Lama to visit Denmark in June

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama is to visit Denmark next week, the Danish Tibetan support committee said Wednesday. He will holds talks with the Danish prime minister and foreign minister and attend several public meetings

Interview: Promoting sports in the Tibetan community

The picture of a young Tibetan monk, balancing a football on his head from the movie ‘The Cup’ is now an enduring image of the Tibetans’ passion for football. This ground-breaking movie revealed to the outside world the Tibetans’, especially that of the monks’, love for the game.