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Tibetan Representative briefed Austrailain

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The new representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Australia Mr. Tenzin Phuntsok Atisha met with the Austrailian Parliamentary Group for Tibet on 26th March. The briefing was held in the Austrailian Parliament and was attended by Senator Kay Denman from Labor Party; Senator Brain Greig of Democratic Party; and Senator Bob Brown from Green Party. Senator Bob Brown introduced the representative to the parliamentarians.

At the briefing, they discussed on a wide range of issues pertaining to Tibet including the future course of action on Tibet in the Australian Parliament. Despite the Iraq war taking a center stage, the Senators have shown a keen interest in putting the Tibet issue up front. An information kit compiled by the Office of Tibet was also distributed at the meeting.

Mr Atisha touched on the present situation in Tibet and thanked the Australian Senate for passing number of resolutions on Tibet in recent times

Mr. Phurbu Tsithar, Secretary was also present at the briefing.

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