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No rule of law in China: Dalai Lama

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Patna, January 14 – Expressing concern over the atrocities on the people of Tibet, Nobel laureate Dalai Lama has said “there is no rule of law in China.”

In a release issued by the Information Department of the Tibetan Government in-exile last night, the Dalai Lama said the Chinese government had unleashed a reign of terror to suppress the people’s voice and their freedom of expression.

He also expressed concern over the growing terrorism and said the menace could only be contained through peaceful dialogues. Dubbing the 20th century as “troubled”, he said the world would have to struggle hard to restore peace in this century.

He expressed the hope that the latter part of the 21st century would be much more peaceful. “At least there will no longer be the threat of a nuclear holocaust and, in spite of some “unhealthy” developments here and there, the 21st century is becoming safer for mankind,” he said.

Expressing dismay at the continued atrocities on Tibetans, he aid demands for independence in China had become a thing of the past and the Tibetans were now in favour of autonomy like Taiwan.

The Nobel laureate categorically stated that he did not seek independence, adding, “when I was in power I told some of the Chinese politicians, who wanted independence, that I am not seeking independence.”

The spiritual leader of Buddhism threw light on communism and said it had been pushed away all over the world. However, a few countries like China, North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba were keeping the ideology alive only with the help of their armed forces, he said.

He said in this scenario there had also been a considerable change in China and the people there were now free to discuss their opinions on the government’s policies and decisions.

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