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Gonpo Kyi sues police over ill-treatment in detention

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Gonpo Kyi (Photo/Free Tibet)

By Tsering Dhundup

DHARAMSHALA, March 29: Gonpo Kyi and her husband, Choekyong, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the police over their ill-treatment in December 2023. The duo has said that they were treated harshly during a protest outside the Higher People’s Court in Lhasa, where they have been advocating for a retrial for thier brother, Dorjee Tashi, a businessman currently imprisoned, according to a report by Free Tibet.

The pair were detained and reportedly subjected to physical violence and denied hospital treatment by Chinese police following their protest. Gonpo Kyi, who has been conducting solitary protests for over a year, was joined by her husband on some occasions.

On December 12, Gonpo Kyi and Choekyong staged a sit-in outside the court, demanding a re-examination of Dorjee Tashi’s case and access to visit him, a promise that they claim was previously made to them. Instead of addressing their demands, they were allegedly detained and subjected to violence by the authorities.

Gonpo Kyi spent a week in detention and became the focus of an international campaign calling for her release. In their lawsuit, the couple accused the police of arbitrary detention and physical assault. They also claim they were denied access to medical treatment for Gonpo Kyi’s injuries sustained during the detention.

In the report, Free Tibet cited a source who told research group Tibet Watch that the lawsuit was filed in Chengguan District People’s Court of Lhasa City, and added that “due to the repressive censorship and vigilant supervision of the Chinese government”, they were unable to obtain full documentation of the proceedings. 

The same source further stated, “The Lhasa city police, in collusion with the court, refused the couple’s requests and did not allow them to meet Dorjee Tashi in prison. The couple also continues to plead for a fair trial for Dorjee’s case.”

The family continues to advocate for a fair trial for Dorjee, a wealthy Tibetan businessman who is serving a life sentence since his arrest in 2008. Originally facing political charges, Dorjee Tashi was ultimately convicted of loan fraud, a charge disputed by his family.

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  1. That’s abuse by Chinese police. She must get a good lawyer to seek compensation for damage she suffered from corrupt police officers.

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