New green book registration extended until end of September

By Tsering Dhundup DHARAMSHALA, March 29: The Tibetan Parliament in Exile has passed a resolution to extend the registration period for new Green Book (Tib. Chadrel Lakdep) by an additional six months until September 30, 2024, during the 10th day of the budget session on Thursday.  During the session yesterday, the Finance Department of the Central […]

Gonpo Kyi sues police over ill-treatment in detention

By Tsering Dhundup DHARAMSHALA, March 29: Gonpo Kyi and her husband, Choekyong, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the police over their ill-treatment in December 2023. The duo has said that they were treated harshly during a protest outside the Higher People‚Äôs Court in Lhasa, where they have been advocating for a retrial for thier brother, […]