Hunger strike

Monks from Tsang monastery south of Rebkong, Qinghai, participated in a peaceful protest involving hundreds of people on Sunday (March 18). The monks distributed leaflets and posters wi

Situation deteriorates in Bora monastery

Bora monastery in Sangchu, eastern Tibet is under lockdown as the situation continues to remain tense following more arrests and protests yesterday. Chinese security officers entered Bora monastery at around 2 am (local time)

On Water Day, Let’s Protect Tibet’s Rivers for Asia’s Survival

To mark ‘World Water Day’ 2012 , the Women’s Environment and Development Desk (WEDD) of the Central Tibetan Women’s Association is spearheading a signature drive for the petition titled ‘Nomads for a Planetary Third Pole,’[1] originally launched at the Buddhist Kalachakra teaching in Bodh Gaya in January.

Two self-immolation attempts foiled in Tibet

Chinese security personnel have foiled self-immolation attempts by two Tibetans in the past few days, after reports surfaced of Chinese authorities announcing financial rewards to the public for providing information on planned immolations