Buddhist monks threaten immolation

A group of Indian Buddhist monks have threatened to immolate themselves at Bodh Gaya in Bihar if the Dalai Lama does not mediate with them on their demands and not to hold his Kalchakra prayer on Sunday.

Tibetans to boycott Chinese goods

After using innovative means ranging from candle-light marches to beauty contests in Dharamsala, Tibetan groups have now hit upon a new strategy to raise awareness about Tibet’s occupation by China — a boycott of Chinese goods flooding Indian markets.

Gaya calm after Friday’s tension

Normalcy was restored today in the pilgrim city of Gaya which witnessed large scale arson and stone throwing following reports of damage to portraits of two gods late Friday night, official sources said here.

Tibetan monks bring fleeting art to Troy

The process is an ancient and painstaking one, and the work it produces is spectacularly beautiful. But only for a moment. Because after several days in the making, the elegant