High Lama Welcomed at Buddhist Ruins

Hundreds of monks and followers gathered Wednesday to welcome the 17-year-old Tibetan high lama called the Karmapa on his arrival in this northern Indian town of Buddhist ruins.

Heavy police deployment made for Kalchakra

Massive police deployment has been made for the forthcoming Kalchakra pooja and to ensure the safety of both the Dalai Lama and Karmapa, the two high risk Buddhist spiritual leaders now in Bodh Gaya for the performance of the complex

Heavy police deployment made for Kalchakra

The Dalai Lama greets worhsippers behind the bullet-proof glass of his vehicle after prayers at a Buddhist temple in Bodh Gaya in the Indian state of Bihar Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2003. (AP Photo/Elizabeth Dalziel)

Bowie, Davies, Marley Set For Tibet House Benefit

David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, Ziggy Marley, and the Kinks’ Ray Davies are among the performers confirmed for the 15th annual Tibet House Benefit Concert at New York’s Carnegie Hall, Billboard.com has learned.

Tibetans Refugee to Rebuild Lhasa Market

Keeping the Buddhist spirit alive, the Tibetan victims of the last Monday night’s fire that gutted the city’s famous Lhasa Market in its entirety, said on Wednesday that they would not bother the Dalai Lama with their problems since