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China imposes religious ban on Tibetan party members in Tsolho

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Xi Jinping (R) and Mao Zedong (L) placed at an altar in a hotel in TAR (Photo/AFP)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, Nov. 26: The Chinese government has reportedly imposed a ban on religious activities on all party members and cadres in the so called Tsolho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Amdo province, according to A similar ban was reported from Golog prefecture in October where a large number of informers would ensure that no Tibetan party member engaged in religious rituals including “Kora (circumambulation), using rosary, digital prayer beads and other religious objects.”

The anonymous source who spoke to said that severe methods had been used to stop Tibetan officials from engaging in religious activities, including getting rid of their personal religious altars and shrines. “Such measures have pressured Tibetan Party members in the region into removing personal Buddhist shrines and altars at their homes against their will,” the source further divulged. If the party members are found not in compliance with the order, they could face layoffs from government jobs and be deprived of state benefits and subsidies.

The government seems to have overlooked the privacy of the supposedly loyal Tibetan members so as to defend the CCP ideology from inside the workforce. Moreover, the source claimed that a strict ban has been imposed on holding prayer services, which also could include Buddhist funeral practices for deceased family members and relatives. “While the current decree is only being implemented in some areas, it is very likely to be expanded into other areas in the future,” the source suspected further discrimination.

The CCP government reportedly introduced a “Code of conduct for Communist Party members in the Tibetan Autonomous Region for Not believing in Religion” that detailed prohibitions on religious practices by party members in Tibet Autonomous Region specifically. Washington based International Campaign for Tibet found a document on the code of conduct, which formally said that it is applicable to all CCP members in TAR, but suspected that it had been used to pick out religious Tibetans.

It categorically forbids official party members to engage in any activities both in public and private life, including “advising” their families and relatives to not set up altars, hang religious pictures or personalities at home. Although no official reports of the ban’s implementation have been recorded except from unverified ones, the CTA report suggested that at the least Tsolho TAP has now been confirmed to be under the “pervasive enforcement of the ban” since its introduction in April this year.

2 Responses

  1. Tibetan High Lamas have called the communist Chinese བསྟན་དགྲ་རྒྱ་དམར་ which means the enemy of the faith. The enlightened Lamas told people that even walking in the shadow of such despicable creatures would make one born in the hell realms.
    The reason is, for Buddhist Tibet, the most precious thing in the whole world is the holy Dharma སངས་རྒྱས་ཀྱི་བསྟན་པ་རིན་པོ་ཆེ་ The great Tsongkhapa Losang Drakpa prayed: བསྟན་པ་རིན་ཆེན་མཆོག་གི་མ་ཁྱབ་པའམ་ ཁྱབ་ཀྱང་ཉམས་པར་གྱུར་པའི་ཕྱོགས་དེར་ནི་
    སྙིང་རྗེ་ཆེན་པོས་ཡིད་རབ་བསྐྱོད་པ་ཡི་ ཕན་བདེའི་སྟེར་དེ་གསལ་བར་བྱེད་པ་ཤོག་ (whether the holy Dharma has not reached, or has diminished even when it has reached, May I be able to propagate it through compassion).
    Buddhism is what has kept Tibet the most peaceful country on earth. All our efforts were made to preserve and propagate the teachings of the Holy Buddha. There is hardly a place in Tibet where there are no symbols of Buddhism, be it in the villages and towns, or in the high mountain passes or mighty rivers before the Chinese invasion. Tibet was a nation deeply involved in quest of universal liberation. The prayers of every Tibetan is སངས་རྒྱས་ཆོས་དང་ཚོགས་ཀྱི་མཆོག་རྣམས་ལ་ བྱང་ཆུབ་བར་དུ་བདག་ནི་སྐྱབས་སུ་མཆི་ བདག་གི་སྦྱི་སོགས་རྒྱས་པའི་བསོད་ནམས་ཀྱི་ འགྲོ་ལ་ཕན་ཕྱིར་སངས་རྒྱས་བསྒྲུབ་པར་ཤོག་ (I take refugee in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, by the merits accrued by the practice of generosity and so forth, May I achieve Buddha-hood, to benefit all sentient beings). Every thought was dedicated for the well-being of sentient beings. Such was the nature of the Tibetan people and they nurtured it and treasured it.
    So, you can understand that when the heathen devilish Chinese communists attacked the monasteries and their inhabitants; the monks and nuns, the only conclusion they came to was, the Chinese communists are བསྟན་དགྲ་རྒྱ་དམར་ (the enemy of the Holy Dharma).
    Out of countless monasteries only twelve survived the onslaught of the Chinese mindless vandalism. Tibet’s glistening, majestic monasteries and colleges were ransacked and reduced to rubble. The monks and nuns were mocked and forced to copulate in public to humiliate the innocent protectors of the holy Dharma. The Panchen Lama was forced to eat human faeces to ridicule him and his faith.
    Today, the evil communists are demolishing the monasteries built by the sheer effort of the Tibetan people and discouraging young children from taking robes. Even lay children are banned from going to the monasteries and meeting the monks. The Chinese communists are the true enemies of Tibetan people and no Tibetan should ever forgive the evils that have been committed by them.
    If Tibetans have any sense of seeing the difference from right and wrong, they should learn a lesson from the people of the tiny Caribbean island nation of Barbados. Today, they proclaimed their nation a Republic by renouncing the British Monarch as their Head of State. This is because the British treated them very brutally when it was colonised by Britain from 1620s. The Chinese have brutalised Tibet even more than the British did to Barbados. Our resources are plundered and they have enslaved the Tibetan people for the last seventy years. Tibetans are treated as savages and slaves and have no rights to ones own land. Our lands are confiscated and our people are put into concentration camp like communes. About two million nomads are incarcerated in ghettoes where they have taken to alcoholism, gambling and crime. Their precious lands are used to mine the rich resources or given away to Chinese colonisers for their convenience. Tibet is a hell hole Chinese colony for the last seven decades.
    Since, Buddhism is the uniting force as well as the true source of our culture, they attacked Buddhism from the word go.
    The famous Tibetan freedom fighters also called themselves བསྟན་བསྲུང་དྭངས་བླངས་དམག་མི་ (The defenders of the Faith Army). Today, they are calling HH The Dalai Lama a “splittest” and blasphemed him endlessly. No matter what they call him or what they think of him, the Dalai Lama is a truly holy man. The Tibetans rightly worship him and indeed he is deserving of all the devotion Tibetans have heaped upon him. He has proved himself to be an extraordinary person whose qualities of spiritual elevation and moral standing is without question the greatest the twentieth century has witnessed.
    The Chinese commies are the greatest killer of all time. They murdered more than fifty million people including Tibetans, Ugyurs, Mongolians and other captive nations.
    Instead of having a sense of guilt and shame, they are elevating themselves in the place of the Dalai Lama and other holy Lamas!!!
    What an utter joke? What a profanity!!! How obscene that the worlds greatest murderers are putting themselves on the pedestal and believe that they can deceive the Tibetans!!! This is their attitude towards the Tibetan people! It shows the sheer Chinese chauvinism that has riddled Chinese policy in Tibet. It’s sheer insanity for them to believe that Tibetans can be hoodwinked to believe Chinese murderers to be anything other than murderers just like any Jew will see Adolf Hitler as anything except the engineer of the Jewish Holocaust.

  2. Two communist dictators, two sinners, two wolves, two blinds, two hell beings, two blood suckers, two enemies, and two red Chinese.

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