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U.S.A. Screening Schedule




Local contact

16th Sept 2007


Screening for Chicago  Tibetans

Chicago Tibetan Alliance
Pema Rinzin, 773-592-9213

22nd Sept 2007


Screening for Wisconsin  Tibetans

Tibetan Association of Wisconsin
Lobsang la,

23rd Sept 2007


Screening for Minneapolis Tibetans

Tibetan Women's Association, Minnesota
Tsering Dolma,763-502-7904

29th Sept 2007


Screening for Tibetans in S. California

Tibetan Association of Southern California
Sherap Tsering

30th Sept 2007


Screening for Tibetans in N. California

Tibetan Association of Northern California
Tenzin Tsepal, 510-597-9826

6th Oct. 2007


Screening for Tibetans in Washington

Tibetan Association, Seattle
Tashi Namgyal

7th Oct. 2007


Screening for Tibetans in Oregon

Portland Tibetan Association

Yet to conforme


Screening for Tibetans in Connecticut

Pema Chodon

21st Oct. 2007


Screening for New York & New Jersey Tibetans

New York & New Jersey Tibetan Comunittiy.
Contact: Ngawang Palden la

20th oct. 2007


Screening for Tibetans in Boston


Film Reviews:

"One of the best Tibetan films ever made…matchless! Awesome!"
“I honestly felt that this was the work of professionals… in all a great achievement.”
“This movie is beautiful and informative.”
“A pleasantly charming film with all kinds of masala flavours.”
“A jumbled mix of conflicting emotions and contradictory realities that are a feature of daily life in exile.”
NOTE: You can also sponsor a show in India. We'll visit your chosen place/venue and screen our film on your behalf. This is a good opportunity to show your love and feelings to friends, former school, settlements or any other establishments in India. We're also touring all over the US to screen our film, if you want to inlcude your city in the list, contact us at