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Torrential rainstorm hits Mundgod Tibetan settlement, no casualties reported

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The tensile fabric roofing of Drepung Gomang monastery was torn apart by the strong winds in Mundgod Tibetan settlement on April 18, 2024 (Phayul Photo)

By Tenzin Nyidon 

DHARAMSHALA, April 19: A heavy torrential rainstorm has damaged a Buddhist monastery, among other properties in the Tibetan Settlement of Mundgod in South India on Thursday evening. Heavy wind and rain broke trees on the main road that fell on electricity lines, resulting in power outage and road blockage.

The settlement officer there Lhakpa Dolma told Phayul that there are no casualties reported as of now but damages have been sustained to properties including the roofs of Drepung Gomang monastery and camp no. 1 hall, as well as minor damages to some houses in the locality.

Large trees that fell on power lines resulted in power outage and road blockage (Phayul Photo)

She stated that assessments are still underway, and will inform the CTA’s Department of Home once it is done.

According to her, the rainstorm began around 4 p.m. on April 18, lasting approximately 40 minutes. Dolma mentioned that, overall, the Tibetan settlements were not severely impacted by the storm, aside from some damages to properties.

Drepung Gomang monastery was hit hardest by the storm, experiencing extensive damage to its tensile fabric roofing. Changzoe Geshe Monlam, speaking to Phayul, stated that while the framework of the roofing remained intact, the roofing sheets and the tensile fabric roofing were torn apart by the strong winds. He mentioned extensive damage has been suffered to the roof project that cost over 3 crore rupees.

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