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Tibetan man sentenced to 3 years, sister beaten and hospitalised

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Samten and his sister Paldon in undated photos (Image/Tibet Times)

By Tsering Dhundup

DHARAMSHALA, April 9: Chinese authorities have sentenced a Tibetan man named Samten to three years in prison following a closed-door hearing in the so called Ngari Prefecture’s Coqên County in Tibet. Reports indicate that the police also subjected the sister of the accused to severe beatings, resulting in her hospitalization, as reported by the Tibetan news outlet Tibet Times.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the closed hearing for Samten took place on April 2nd, without transparency or public disclosure of the charges brought against him. Samten, a 36-year-old resident of Coqên County, Ngari Prefecture, was arrested three months before the trial, with the exact reasons for his detention remaining undisclosed. Neither the charges against Samten, nor his current health condition have been made public.

Following the verdict of Samten’s three-year imprisonment, his sister, identified as Paldon, sought answers from the police regarding the grounds for his conviction and the secretive nature of the trial. However, instead of receiving clarification, Paldon was met with hostility and violence at the police station. She was reportedly subjected to severe beatings by law enforcement officials, leading to her immediate hospitalization. Paldon is currently receiving medical treatment at Coqên County Hospital. 

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  1. Chinese are manipulative. One day soon they will come into private life between husband and wife on the manner of western government and create divide between fathers and mothers on women empowerment excuse. There are rumours that Chinese have started setting up child protection agencies in some villages and setting up bugging devices to record family quarrels and then use that as an excuse to steal children into colonial boarding schools saying children are being harmed by parents. We must resist any child protection social services set up by Chinese in Tibetan towns, they use it to create divisions and break up family unity and steal children to boarding school system.

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