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An Open Letter to Netizens

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By Dr. Rigzin Lhundup

A member of Tibetan Parliament in Exile

Dear all Netizens, 

A warm greeting to all the netizens out there, I have an appeal to make concerning the on-going situation all across the world. But before that, I would like to share a fact which I am sure many of you will agree. We are living in the era of infodemics where the infection rate is so alarming in the world of social media and at the worst case, increasing in the so-called free world. I am talking about information epidemics that many of netizens are unaware of. 

I am writing this letter because millions of followers of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama were deeply hurt and saddened by the circulation of a tailored propaganda, a video clip to defame and malign the intact and untarnished character and stature of His Holiness. He has dedicated his entire life working for oneness of humanity, to promote world peace and religious harmony. He has embodied peace and compassion and presented those in his teachings, writings and more importantly in his daily life-style to make progress towards developing a happier mind and more peaceful life. 

His Holiness has been a spiritual beacon for millions, a teacher and an example. People look to him with unwavering devotions, his personal upholding of their difficulties to infinite strength. For them he is only hope. Though, he himself considers a simple Buddhist monk. He is revered as a living Buddha or Buddha of Compassion. His Holiness is one of the truly accomplished religious practitioners and spiritual teachers. His message always rises above specific dogmas and ideologies but, go to the essence of religion; love,compassion, wisdom and humility. 

He is a holy religious leader for his equity towards everyone irrespective of class, caste, race, belier or non-believers or even anti-religious people. He is the only spiritual leader who is also a great scientist in this scientific world. Even at his advanced age, eighty-seven-year-old, he is still putting his utmost effort, his life and heart for the betterment of the world, trusting the ancient wisdom that only love ends hate, only compassion stops violence and relying on the moral force of truth. 

We must think and analyze before jumping into a conclusion when it comes to a tailored propaganda video clip or information which solely based on ill intention and targeted to malign the image of the great personality like His Holiness the Dalai Lama. 

My humble and concerning request is that be conscious with the internet world for it is not a safe place. And we if we don’t cross check every information that come by, we become the victim of such false propaganda and accusation and can get infected with infodemic anytime knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore, I urge you to be rational and mindful about your action. Let us not be judgmental rather practice a simple yet powerful message of His Holiness the Great 14thDalai Lama, “If you can’t help others; at least do not harm them.”

Yours sincerely, 

Dr. Rigzin Lhundup 

(The writer is a member of Tibetan Parliament in Exile and a faculty lecturer at Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Studies)

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  1. Well explained. Any right thinking person will never ever stoop so low to malign the image of HH who is considered next to Lord Buddha in this eon. Clearly this a is a propaganda of CCP and its arms to malign HH and Buddhism which deserves condemnation from all right thinking persons in the strongest terms though we all know that Truth and Sun rays can never be stopped and will always be there for all of us to see. May HH live long and continue to be a beacon of light for all the sentient beings as ever.

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