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Dalai Lama talks compassion with educators

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama addresses educators online from his residence in Dharamshala on Tuesday (Photo/OHHDL)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, Oct. 27: The exiled leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Tuesday engaged with educators and scholars from diverse backgrounds virtually from his residence here in Dharamshala. The organizers noted the importance of His Holiness’ teachings and how it has inspired new research that has demonstrated the positive impacts of compassion training.

“It was perhaps a Russian who told me that if you scold one plant every day and speak soothingly to another similar one, they develop differently. Simply put, if we take care of plants, they grow well. If we neglect them, they die,” the octogenarian leader said while suggesting to the importance of peace in the education field.

The Dalai Lama further pointed out that peace is necessary for the survival of humanity, “Ultimately the foundation of peace of mind is loving kindness. . . It’s not just a matter of being free from disturbance, but of being moved by love and compassion. Peace of mind isn’t just a religious topic; it underpins the survival of humanity.” He condemned violence and killing taken place out of hatred in the world but reasserted that “peace is the basis of life”.

The Nobel Laureate observed that students also appreciate compassion, as they revel in their teachers’ compassionate attitude and respond to them positively. He further divulged memories connected with his own teacher, “During my own lessons as a boy with my tutor, he showed me great kindness. And as a result, I wanted to spend more time with him. Such warm-heartedness plays a key role in making us feel happy and secure.” He urged teachers to be mindful of their students’ welfare and treat them with dignity.

Noting that education tends to have materialistic goals, he stressed the importance of values and warm-heartedness in the teaching curriculum. “The more compassionate we are, the less fearful we will be, and greater will be our inner strength and self-confidence. The point is to be a happy person, self-assured and courageous,” the spiritual leader said while addressing the questions from educators.

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