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IPAC invites CTA, Taiwanese leadership for counter-meeting ahead of G20 summit

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Taiwan's Foreign Minister Jospeh Wu (L) and CTA President Penpa Tsering (R)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, Oct. 21: The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China’s (IPAC) proposed counter meeting in Rome next week ahead of the G20 global meet, has invited leaders from the exile Tibetan government, Taiwan, Hong Kong and East Turkestan, the alliance announced Monday.

The international cross-party group of legislators has invited Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, CTA President Penpa Tsering, former HK legislator Nathan Law and Uyghur activist Rahima Mahmut for the upcoming conference. The IPAC is said to focus on leaders targeted by Beijing, including Tibet, Hong Kong and East Turkestan, ahead of the G20 summit to demand a tougher stance towards the Chinese government.

The counter meeting on Oct. 29 could also see participation from sanctioned leaders and IPAC members including former UK Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith, Belgian Green MP Samuel Cogolati, EPP MEP Miriam Lexmann and Lithuanian Social Democratic MP Dovilė Šakalienė. According to the statement, the Chinese government imposed travel bans and other sanctions on nine IPAC members earlier this year.  

It is uncertain if the Foreign Minister of Taiwan would be able to attend the in-person meeting as the ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou told the press that the deliberation details about Wu’s visit to Europe is currently underway. Similarly, Sikyong of the Central Tibetan Administration, also known as the Tibetan government-in-exile, Penpa Tsering’s participation in the meeting has not been confirmed by officials following the IPAC announcement.

IPAC was established last year in June, and is currently composed of parliamentarians from 19 countries that span from five continents and the European Union (EU). The alliance aims to promote cooperation between different groups to push China to respect globally acknowledged regulations, human rights through legislation and respect border security with neighboring countries.

One Response

  1. It is hoped Sikyong Penpa Tsering is able to attend the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC) in Rome next week ahead of the G20 summit. This is a very important meeting of the countries and territories occupied by the CCP who are invited to present their grievances to the most powerful nations both economically and militarily. The glue that sticks them together is democracy, human rights and freedom of expression. Totalitarian China is a threat to the International order that came into existence after the Second World War. Today, it is challenged by a ruthless dictatorship that is hell bent to impose its authoritarianism where human rights, freedom of speech and rule of law are replaced by the rule of the jungle!
    We don’t need to go far to examine the ruthlessness of the CCP who has murdered 1.2 million Tibetans; one sixth of the entire population of Tibet. Six thousand monasteries, some of which were like cities have been bulldozed in a span of ten years during the madness of the so called “cultural revolution”. Tibet was subjected to a violent anti-Tibetan cultural annihilation the world has few parallels. Tibet’s libraries and sacred literature were made into Bon fires. Religious objects like mani stones were used as stepping stones to toilets. The Jhokang Temple, the holiest shrine in Tibet which houses the Sakya Muni brought from India was used as a slaughter house! Tibet was turned into a grave yard of its cultural and religious relics that spanned more than thousand years. The CCP brought total destruction to Tibet and total oppression of the people of Tibet for the last seventy years. Today, it’s doing the finishing touches to the dying culture and religion of Tibet by striking the last nail to the coffin by appointing another ruthless murderer (Wang Junzheng) who is a henchman of Xi, the eternal dictator. What he did in East Turkistan will be repeated in Tibet and Tibet will see another program and cultural and religious persecution that he perpetrated in East Turkistan. According to the CCP and it’s leader this would be the last nail to the dying Tibet that has been the mission of the CCP in order to claim Tibet as its own.

    The Sikyong must alert the world leaders the crimes of the CCP in Tibet in the 1950s and especially from 1966- 1976 is about to be repeated in order to crush the Tibetan people’s undying spirit and the murderous Wang Junzheng will be the executioner of Tibet with the same bigotry and zealous chauvinism that he exhibited in East Turkistan with a million Ughurs in concentration camps and their culture extinguished. Tibet is on the verge of Holocaust perpetrated by the CCP’s policy of cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing that has been the norm of successive Chinese regimes which has obliterated 55 nations into so called minorities by cleansing them of their culture and absorbing them into Han Chinese culture!
    The Sikyong should pull no punches and give a dire warning to the International community during this important meeting that what happened to the Jews at the hands of Adolf Hitler is about to happen to the Tibetan people under the CCP of China. There is no hope of dialogue with the CCP unless, he is prepared to go on his knees! All the so called Sino-Tibet talks since 1951 were nothing but an exercise in duplicity. The CCP pulled wool over the eyes of the Tibetans in order to allow them one foot in the door ( the 17 point treaty) and then kick out the owner and saddle themselves instead. Communist China doesn’t aim to make peace with the exile Government or the Tibetan people. It feels entitled to do what it likes without any consideration to the sentiment the Tibetan people and their country. It is beholden to its chauvinistic arrogance and has no sense of guilt or understanding the aggrieved Party. True to its doctrine of power flows from the barrel of a gun, it is prepared to use force to get its way. It is addicted to violence and intimidation to push its agenda and doesn’t preach understanding and mutual respect. It only speaks with the language of violence. There is no prospect of a dialogue that would result in an amicable solution to the Tibet crises. Tibetans must not live in an illusion that is only diminishing ourselves. The days of hope for dialogue are over and the CCP knows, it can ride roughshod international opinion. The prove of this is the appointment of Wang Junzheng to Tibet despite the fact that he is the most sanctioned person in China by western countries. The CCP is defying western sentiment and sending the message to the world that it cares two hoots about what the west thinks!

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