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Pakistani influencer’s false tweets on Dalai Lama spark demand for apology from Tibetans

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Social media influencer Sameera Khan (Photo- Mediate)
Social media influencer Sameera Khan (Photo- Mediate)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, Oct. 21: Tibetan netizens have demanded apology from Pakistani social media influencer Sameera Khan after she posted a series of tweets since Oct. 17 that said the Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama is “World’s most loved ex-slave owner” and condemned US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) for her admiration of the Tibetan leader.

The naturalised American has over 66,000 followers on Twitter and continues to make sweeping remarks about the Nobel laureate, stating that he owned “6,170 field serfs and 102 house slaves” and performed Buddhist rituals with human skin peeled off slaves.

She has shared numerous articles denouncing the Tibetan leader’s claim to Tibet by sharing articles sympathetic to Beijing’s narrative. She has disregarded Tibetan Twitter users as trolls and continues to use her handle to discredit the Tibetan leader, widely regarded as the foremost symbol of peace and reconciliation. 

Tibetan MP Namgyal Dolkar Lhagyari told Phayul about her initial reaction, “I was appalled when I saw it but calmed myself to check her past Twitter posts which further confirmed to me that she’s deliberately posting CCP propaganda on His Holiness and Tibet using a free social media platform. This sends out a message to Tibetans in the free world to keep our online attention on China and engage our allies too in keeping our freedom movement focused forward more than ever.” 

A novel #apologizenow Twitter trend has surfaced online; it questions Khan’s narrative and demands apology for her controversial posts. Many users online including Tibetan singer and Instagram influencer Yeshi Khando have taken to prominent social media apps to report her account’s misleading narrative, and urged others to do so.

Retweets from her account consist of wrong information aimed only to slander, like accusing the Dalai Lama of the atrocities on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. She also called out AOC’s support for the Dalai Lama, “When will AOC renounce her support for slave owners? Not until her brain dead supporters hold her accountable for supporting slave owners.”

She is a former correspondent for Russia Today (RT) in the US, and also the winner of the Miss New Jersey USA title in 2015. In 2018, she posted a variety of tweets defending known genocidal leader Joseph Stalin Stalin’s gulags as being not as severe as portrayed in history. Later, she apologized for the gulag memes, stating she found out that the information in the memes she shared was “inaccurate”. 

21 Responses

  1. I consider Sameera Khan, an ex-Miss New Jersey as someone sold to CCP, because she lived her life for money after possessing beauty and freedom. Her sisters in Ughurstan/ East Turkistan are getting raped and young girls sterilized every night in thousands and million in Vocational/Labour camps/churning centers to discourage their identity as a Muslim and as human beings to die in shame and agony for centuries to come. I am so full of pain when I hear their experiences. She should be advocating her voice and title to that effect. But alas! she went for money. I am not surprised. So many money lovers have not only tried to defame our beloved lover they have even tried worse. So, at the end you exposed not only yourself but also the forever active propaganda attempt by CCP since 1950 to the world. Of course CCP had to be active, they have so much too lose and so much to hide. The closet is full to the bursting point of skeletons. By CCP I never mean the peace loving Chinese people. Common Chinese people are innocent and themselves are victims of brainwashing and rule of fear. I pray for their freedom of life. We are born to live free. We are not born to succumb to fear. The top Google search about Tibet is all misinformation launched by CCP directly as and .com about Tibet you will find Tibet mentioned as a land of slaves and misery. People getting skinned out alive and all the horrors. People in the west were buying so much lies. Thanks to Covid 19-outbreak, west begin to rethink and reorient themselves towards truth. Chinese bought…com are getting replaced in the google search such as, Free, save international campaign……BBC……Truth does prevail at the end.. It took my parents life time to hear the truth but sun does come out of cloud! CCP is not the grand designer of the universe after all!
    I am sad for all the millions of lives lost to Covid, but it is exposing CCP more day by day. It is clear, what began in Wuhan doesn’t stay in Wuhan! I am afraid what began in Tibet not only spread to Ughurstan but will eventually happen in Pakistan too! Watch out!

    Freedom Lover.

  2. Such paid puppets like Ms. Khan is expected and shows the desperation of the CCP because it is failing on all fronts. Therefore we have to more alert on such attacks on His Holiness as the desperation of the CCP grows day by day. We have only to sympathize with likes of Ms. Khan who for money will do anything including selling their love ones. They change their colors according to the change of their masters. Hope by now her followers have realized what sort of person they are following and abandon for her good. Hope and pray also that she comes to her sense (if she has any) and apologize openly for the mistake she has committed.

  3. We’ve three or four You tube blogger who were so vocal in making critical comments on every move of this present Tibetan administration. Now is the time to raise your sleeves and spit your inner vengeance to this celebrity who accuses our soul with baseless and horrendous false statements.

  4. If you can’t spread truth, atleast don’t spread false propaganda !!!
    After all you are human being and you have moral responsibility of being human!!!
    #Narcissist stupid celebrities

  5. China has been waging proxy war against Tibet and its people for decades. Cheap historians, professors, authors, journalists alike are bought and paid by China to influence general public with their smear campaign. Unfortunately, many became victims of CCP propaganda. Sameera Khan could be one of those victims or doing her job too earn some extra cash. Who knows. She is definitely not advocating human rights or any form of social justice. China is the undisputed champion of human rights violation or exploitation of less privileged human beings. At this very moment, tens of thousands of her fellow Muslim brother and sisters are imprisoned, tortured and killed by China but Sameera Khan is willing to sleep with China. Sameera Khan is bothered by Biden Harris anti-China bill. Sameera Khan sees China as an angel and Dalai Lama as villain. Her native country, Pakistan falls at the bottom of the world human rights report list but she does not see any issues. She is a hypocritical and pseudo journalist to say the least.

  6. I bet this lady has never read any of HHoliness speech and to come up with such baseless allegation further cemented my belief of CCP’ s influence over the world. Sameera khan is just another pawn who thinks money bring lasting happiness. Or else she could have lend her voice to the muslim minorities suffering under the CCP rule.

  7. Sameera Khan you think everyone would become same like you brainwashed? No dear- so sad to call you a human being, if you would be an eminent educated wisdom minded human being you wouldn’t use such ‘fake, horrible, shameful allegations’ against H.H the Dalai Lama. You still need a lot to learn how a good and meaningful human being should be-your day will come that you will have to bow down to H.H the Dalai Lama and learn from his blessings ok’ to beg forgiveness ‘ wake up and be a good human being, don’t expect we all would become a Chinese puppet like you have became now.. shame on you, make sure you better make a brighter way sooner so that you don’t have to face hell soon.Long live H.H the Dalai lama🙏

  8. The words and sentences used by MS. Khan is straight out of Chinese Propaganda writing. It is sad that a Pakistani lady enjoying freedom of expression in USA, is becoming a Chinese Propaganda mouth piece. She should study and do better research before writing article on Tibet and its leader.

  9. Sameer khan who falsely made allegation against HH Dalai Lama is acting under the influence of CCP and got some money from Chinese government. All her false allegation materials are given by Chinese secret agent and she does not have even a slight knowledge about Dalai Lama and Tibet. If she thinks that she is.acting for justice and moral ground then she must make investigation of her next door neighbour uhgiur people of eastern Turkestan alias Sinkiang who are fellow muslims being to coircive detention without any juducial due process under the communist Chinese regime. They are currently suffering injustice like Jews under Hitler concentration camps.She must stripped of Miss New Jersey title as it does not suit her. Maybe she is a Chinese spy who FBI must investigate.

  10. This is awake up for all the Tibetans that China is using her voice to denounce HH the Dalai Lama, HH the Dalai Lama been Champion of Global Peace, equality and always says that we all are same as human being. He is admired by most of people in globe. She have not heard his speech, talk and teaching. Did she know how China CCP is treated your Muslim family in China, MS SAMEERA KHAN WAKE UP, OPEN YOUR EYES AND EARS HOW YOUR MUSLIM FAMILY WERE TREATED IN CHINA. SPEAK FOR THEM. DO NOT SPREAD THE FAKE NEWS.

  11. Sameer khan is disgraceful and brainwashed Chinese agent who without any knowledge and understanding of who Dalai Lama making baseless and unfounded allegation against world renowned and peace advocate. Instead of running after few Chinese money why not raise voice against unjust atrocities committing by CCP to simple and pious Muslim Ugurs in eastern Turtestan alias Sinkiang. She should apologize to HH Dalai Lama and his followers world over. Her title of Miss New Jersey should be stripped off. FBI must be reported of her conduct and who knows she may be Chinese uncover agent collecting information for CCP.

  12. Simple way to say, before you talk bad about others, you should learn about Others, I think she trying to get attention from social media, But your little benefit hurt others feelings, You are taking wrong path way, say sorry please!!!!

  13. It is assumed that Sameera Khan is being used by china in connection with some mischievous people giving her black money in order to brainwash innocent people over the world. Moreover, the crown she won for Miss New Jersey must be recalled. We demand a strong apology from Sameera Khan to HH the great Dalai Lama over the false and instigated statements until then we are determined to keep protesting. Long live HH the great Dalai Lama. May peace prevail on earth.

  14. I am not at all surprised to see or read such articles or comments by Sameera Khan, as she is doing this dirty work for her masters. She is under the influence of foreign powers and has to write such an unimaginable and baseless allegation against the His Holiness the Dalai lama to make her masters happy. These are the only things that she has learned to do in life, and we should expose her motive behind writing such unsubstantiated commentaries.
    It is highly disgraceful for a former Miss Jersey to engage in activities which is extremely hurtful to people’s sentiments and I condemn this act as ” immoral and white lies’. She is, no doubt doing a great disservice to her family, community and to the beautiful city of New Jersey.
    Whatever she has written about the His Holiness the great 14th Dalai Lama is all baseless and nothing more than a piece of propaganda to earn her extra favor from the masters. I feel sorry for her doing such a cheap and shameless acts which don’t match her physical beauty.

  15. We demand a strong apology from Sameera Khan to HH the great Dalai Lama over the false and instigated statements until then we keep protesting

    1. I am very disappointed to know Miss Sameera little knowledge about Tibet and Tibetan spiritual leader even after the former correspondent of RT and won the Miss New Jersey (2015) in the USA.
      Miss Sameera, I am very much pleased if u better critical research on the topic before share anything in ur social media as we know that we have freedom in this world however it does not mean to hurt other feelings. So, please keep research and study on His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama and then talk about him. Until then it is better to apologize the false statement about Holiness which u mentioned on ur social media. Please do not misuse the platform. Thank u.

  16. We need her to apology for highlighting on baseless statements about our spiritual leaderHis Holiness The 14th Dalaï Lama. Don’t you get scare of your Allah? You Allah is obviously not happy with Chinese government for demolishing immense of Mosques 🕌 and not letting Tibetan and Chinese people who follow Muslim religion to do the ritual practice and all. Shame on you for prioritization you have given money upon your own religion.

  17. We need to feel pity on her for being brain washed of Chinese portrayed stories plus money she gets by all these baseless statements. We don’t need to prove world about the righteous statements of His Holiness. Additionally she needs to know that sticking with Chinese is obviously accelerating herself against Muslim. Because it’s well known by the world that Chinese is not baring Muslim religion also in Tibet and China itself. Now where do you stand(who so ever you are)? With your own religion or with the money you get by all these propagandas?

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