Opinion: China at the anvil. India must recognize Tibet’s historic independence.

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Xi Jinping and China on the backfoot (photo- Reuters)
Xi Jinping and China on the backfoot (photo- Reuters)

By Ugyen Gyalpo

Nehru unfortunately is not the prime minister at a time like this, when India might have a consequential say in world politics. Unlike the 1950s, where Nehru probably buried his insecure conscience into the closet and swept Tibet’s legitimate place in the world under the rug of political conspiracy and help people at Atlas to erase Tibet off the world map.

Now times have changed. India has long been a nuclear power and a military force to be reckoned with. Its member of G8+5 elite nations of the world. Even in the global economy, India has equal weight, the brightest minds and the most resources of the youngest educated workforce in the planet that will secure India’s incremental rise.

Since, China is trampling all over under the cover of the pandemic crippled world, to wield their prowess particularly in Southeast Asia and reclaim territories of historic Tibetan areas of India as their own, I think that India should once and for all come out strong and break that ceiling of political hypocrisy and declare and recognize with conscientious solidarity, that Tibet is not a part of China and that its historical place as buffer state be restored.

In wishful thinking, if Nehru could have been resurrected from his grave and spiritually possess himself into Modi’s body for a day, as a retribution to what he did morally wrong, he could redeem himself by setting the historical fact straight that Tibet was never a part of China as he once said it was. This one shift on India’s policy towards China on Tibet’s status would open the floodgates on the Tibet support fronts, hitherto fearing for China’s economic prowess to follow suit and cement this fact forever.

The United States House of Representatives have already passed a bill to recognize Tibetan Autonomous Region as an independent country and I know, it will get full bipartisan support and guess whose hands would be itching to sign this bill given the level of China-US escalating tension.

We all know we are being used as a pawn but so what, we have nothing more to loose. Tibet has lost enough under ruthless China with seventy years of relentless pillage and rape of Tibet. Whenever and wherever, we see glimmer of hope for Tibet at China’s loss, we should get up and seize that ray of opportunity to bring light to our plight. The escalating tension between the US and China, between India and China, between China and the world is our utmost gain. Chinese Communist Party is not the party of the free people, people of China are not the people who supported Mao back in the days, and therefore for CCP to crumble given the perfect storm that is brewing from all sides, India and the world should follow suit to redeclare Tibet’s historic independence. Powers that last for decades can be over within few days. An independent Tibet will have so much benefit to the region apart from just being a buffer state and we all know that.

This will also make it easy for Dharamshala and the CTA to change their policy from MWA to Complete Independence, the leaders of which are probably at an embarrassing crossroads, neither able to withdraw nor advance their policy and waiting for the right tide to turn back on their failed policy. This is that right tide that is swarming from all sides.

China is at the anvil to be crushed with the forceful hammer of justice. The global community are sick and tired of their evil and malicious acts. Continents from Africa to America, from Australia to Asia are up and angst against China. People of Hong Kong under seized are seething with anger and so are the Taiwanese and the Japanese. Many of the countries that fell on the belt and road are now awakened from being used and launched reprisal and lawsuits for repatriation and compensation for China’s broken promises. Loan trapped poor African countries are breaking their economic shackles to never collaborate with China on future projects. China is crumbling day and day. It’s economic fortress upon which the only security of the Communist party is built is fast corroding from within. The day is not too far when the Chinese Communist leaders will have to walk down naked on the streets of Beijing.


The author is a blogger at ‘The Roar of the Snow Lion’. He is a Tibetan living in Woodside, New York. 



6 Responses

  1. The biggest lost within the lost is the uniqueness of Tibetan culture and tradition. It was and will survive it’s impurity only by giving Tibet back to Tibetan. Full Stop!

  2. I really do appreciate your initiative skilful writing , which astounded me with your creative fact writing about our historic naration of Tibetan grievance through the art scripting , now it is right time for ressurect injustice , cruelty, oppressive regime has to be over throw by the flame of jutice. As of now most of countries were serving their own interest by any means , if this system keep on continuing then the moral value of humanity could be in the great threat , my outmost appeal to the international community to raise the voice of injustice against #Tibet #East mongol #Tawain# Hongkong #East turkistan

  3. There was a time when they say “hindi-chine bhai bhai” now “hindi-chine die die” they are fighting in LAC. Now India is regretting what nehruji has done by supporting China to rule over Tibet because India want good relation with China economically as Tibet act as buffer zone between this nation.

  4. Your time is approaching fast . Don’t lament for nehru s misdeeds, for he was a political prostitute, being pulled by his ears by communist stalin , with the prize catch of subhas bose, and on the other ear , by the anglo American imperialism who placed him as a stooge in india .
    Tibet became a victim of this new world order .
    It is this world order that shall have to bear the brunt of these grave erroneous decisions.
    Tibetan must seize this opportunity to rise and regain lhasa and their ancient glory .

  5. The blond hacksaw signature guided with either placebo or hydroxychloroquine. Just make sure the branding is relevant and please remember that there are other indigenous cultures in China including Yunnan and XinJiang. Just like there are indigenous cultures in the US. Books have been written about them and the colonizers that took their lands.

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