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Dalai Lama begins teaching for Tibetan youth

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TCV auditorium, June 4, 2014/Phayul Photo/Kunsang Gashon
TCV auditorium, June 4, 2014/Phayul Photo/Kunsang Gashon

DHARAMSHALA, JUNE 4: Whether the Tibetan Buddhism will prevail in this world, the Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, will depend on the hard work of the Tibetans in studying the essence of it rather than engrossing only in ritualistic faith.

The 1989 Nobel laureate said that young minds should not perceive Tibetan Buddhism as related to just faith and rituals but study the philosophy as an academic branch of study. “Based on reality and your own experience you can study the nature of mind, ways to control it and you shall be a happier person once you understand the essence of the Tibetan Buddhism.”

Around two thousand college students from various parts of India and abroad, children from schools around here and staff of TCV School gathered today in the TCV school auditorium to listen to His Holiness’ two-day annual teaching for Tibetan youth on heart sutra (sherap nyingpo), praise of manjushri (ghangloma) and Avalokiteshwara initiation on June 6.

The Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama expressed concern over the degeneration of interest in Buddhism among the Tibetan youth. He said that there is only a few Tibetan born in exile enrolling into monasteries these days. He however said it was not mandatory to become a monk to study Buddhism.

His Holiness said all religions have the same potential to benefit others and must be respected. “I never tell anyone that Tibetan Buddhism is better than any other religion”, he said. He added whether a religion is good or bad will depend on its potential to help the practitioner.

The Tibetan leader said the Tibetan Buddhist tradition can boast of having the richest resources of philosophies and teachings derived from Nalanda masters among various other Buddhist countries. He further said that the Tibetan language is the most important medium to learn Tibetan Buddhism.

This is the Tibetan leader’s eighth such teachings since it was first initiated in 2007 by Buddhism Introductory Committee of Dharamsala (BICD).

“The teachings are primarily aimed at motivating young Tibetans in exile into learning Buddhism at academic level and to instill a deeper understanding of Tibetan Buddhist culture and its core spiritual values,” Dawa Tsering, who heads the Committee, said.

To make the teachings more resourceful, Dawa said there would also be time devoted for direct question and answer session with His Holiness and other distinguished Tibetan Buddhist scholars during the teachings.

The BICD is a voluntary committee formed in 2006 to help Tibetan youngsters to stay accustomed with Buddha Dharma and Tibetan Buddhist culture by arranging introductory Buddhist classes. It regularly conducts Buddhist classes on Sundays.

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