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Dalai Lama meets with school children in Tokyo

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DHARAMSHALA, November 19: Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama yesterday reiterated that problems need to be resolved through dialogue and not by resorting to force. The Tibetan leader was speaking to students of Yakumo Academy, a girls school in Tokyo.

“What’s important now is to ensure that the 21st century becomes an era of peace and non-violence. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any problems, there will be, so long as sources of conflict remain, but we need to resolve them not by resorting to force, but through dialogue,” His Holiness said.

He lauded Japan’s achievements in recovering from the violence it went through.
“It’s not easy to establish peace, but look at what Japan and Germany achieved. After being completely destroyed, these nations rebuilt themselves out of the ashes of their destruction. What it took was vision, determination and will power.”

Later in the day, His Holiness gave interview to broadcaster Peter Barakan regarding an animation film based on Buddha’s life.

He said that a unique aspect of the Buddha’s teaching is its emphasis on developing wisdom. “This is because the primary source of suffering is ignorance and if we want to reduce suffering we have to increase wisdom and reduce our ignorance.”

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