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12-year-old dies after police use explosives on protesting Tibetans

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By Tendar Tsering

DHARAMSHALA, March 22: In additional reports coming out of Tibet on the March 18 mass protests in Ba county, a Tibetan minor was killed after Chinese security forces used explosives and tear gas to disperse the unarmed protesters.

Speaking to Dharamshala based radio service VoT, a Tibetan in the region said that a 12-year-old Tibetan child died in the “excessive and unprovoked” use of force on the peaceful protesters.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the Tibetan further said that Dorjee Tsepel, a prominent Tibetan singer was arrested along with his wife and two sons, suspecting their involvement in the protests.

A number of Tibetans had gathered Sunday near the local judicial complex in Ba county, eastern Tibet, to demand the release of around 50 monks from the Shingtri monastery.

The police had fired tear gas and used explosives to disperse the peaceful protesters. Scores of Tibetans sustained severe injuries, while seven of them are believed to be in a critical condition.

“Few of the injured have been admitted in hospitals but many of the seriously injured have not received any medical treatment,” the Tibetan told VoT.

Protesters were demanding the release of the Shingtri monastery monks, who were arrested on March 16, a day after they carried out a protest march to the district headquarters.

The monks had raised slogans demanding the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama from exile and freedom in Tibet.

The next day, Chinese security forces arrived at the monastery and arrested 50 monks on suspicion of their involvement in the protest march.

Reports suggest that the monks have now been taken to another location while security in the region has been tightened following warnings of more severe protests.

According to sources, lots of “unfamiliar” Chinese soldiers, apparently transferred from other regions, have been deployed in the region.

“Chinese security forces are using videos images shot during the protests to arrests Tibetans,” sources said. “Midnight raids and arrests have become common in recent days.”

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